• Dear julissa ,

    I am excited about your post because it blows me away that teenager male is using bad violence against their girlfriends.Also one thing from your post that was very exciting was Teenagers should be educated in what are healthy relationship and what is domestic violence”.
    One thing you said that stands out for me is: “…[Read more]

  • Dear jonathan

    I am very happy with your post because
    One thing you said that stands out for me is: “police brutality targeted men of color which have caused 1,096 people who have died at the hands of police.” I think this is sad, because it’s not fair for color people getting killed by the law which is the police.Also for no reason or s…[Read more]

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    Dear kevin
    I am satisfied with your, post because you have two different point of views.One thing is you said drug is good for people health issues it could help them.second you said it could lead into bad habits by keep doing the drugs and having bad health care.
    One thing you said that stands out for me is: “Another example on why d…[Read more]

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    Dear gerardo

    I am interested in, when you people join gang think they could leave.I don’t want people to move into Oakland and just start having negative emotions/thoughts about this city.This quote is interesting because in real life so many people ask me is oakland dangerous?

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    Dear Youth Voices Community,

    My name is William Tongauiha.

    The social inequity problem I am looking into is: How they should include rugby into the OUSD? The demographic group I am most focused on for this in

    • Hi William,
      I clicked on your post because I played rugby for a club team here in Salt Lake and enjoyed it very much. Rugby is a great sport and teaches how to be a member of a team and try to achieve something that is bigger then yourself. One problem with Rugby however is that people get injured similarly to football and you should address how football and rugby are different. The distinction with help you not have a person say “why have rugby its just football.” Pointing out the differences is going to be key in your essay.

      I look forward to reading your essay, Simon

    • William,
      I think that this is a cool idea. I personally like rugby so I decided to check out what you have to say. I have found a few websites that I think can and will help you when you start your research and maybe, help you make a convincing argument for rugby. The first website, http://www.rochester.edu/team/benefits-of-sports-to-students/ is all about how sports can help students, “playing sports teaches life lessons like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, accountability, and teamwork.” The second expresses reasons why students should play sports (https://www.publicschoolreview.com/blog/10-reasons-why-high-school-sports-benefit-students). I believe that Simon has given you a good resource in why rugby isn’t just football, so I focused my sources around how sports can benefit your community. Hopefully you’ll find at least one useful thing there. I am excited to see what your final paper is going to be and how you sell how rugby should be added to your sports list.

    • Hi William,
      I play rugby for a club team in Utah and i find it a great way to bond with team mates and overall its a really safe and fun sport. I agree rugby should be included as a high school sport its a great way to meet new people and build character. if football is allowed rugby should be as well. As you stated above you should focus on all race making it more welcome for more then just polynesians increasing the participation rate which is my other point. Ask yourself how can you get others to participate in rugby thats why football and basketball etc. are so popular, its all about the participation rate. I also think you should start with a solution of your own and then ask your peers to critique it in ways keeping your originality making your argument that much stronger. This link http://www.thespectrum.com/story/sports/2014/11/10/rugby-continues-americas-fastest-growing-sport/18830397/ should help support your problem and I wish you the best of luck, cant wait to see more posts from you.

  • Dear Future President,

    I wonder if police brutality will ever stop. The reason why I’m writing this to you is because I think people that are getting beaten or killed by law is wrong.

    I say this because it hurts

    • Dear Fili,

      I am excited about your essay since police brutality is a very serious problem here in America. The next

      President should really do something to stop these horrible events from occurring again. Rent should be

      another thing the next President should consider thinking about since a ton of people in America can not afford

      to live in a stable home. I knew people that couldn’t afford to stay in a place that they can call home. They

      always had to be moving from place to place. One thing that really stood out to me was when you said that

      good people are dying for no reason. It’s also innocent people that have done nothing wrong. Thanks for your

      project and I hope to see your writing again because you have a unique style.

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