• I read the Huffington Post article. I think the author has a point. Looking at voters overall, it was white people who elected Donald Trump. Now everyone can wear a safety pin, but if you look at the way many people generalize minorities into stereotypes, its fair that we get put into one group. Also, many white people voted for Donald Trump,…[Read more]

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    Maybe the way we consume media has changed the goals of large media players. With the decline in newspapers, TV news fills the void. However, TV, unlike most newspaper, is mainly a form of entertainment. So only the big stories, terrorism, big policies, get covered, with dramatic effect.

  • The music you hear in movies today isn’t very memorable.  You probably can’t think of any scores (The Star Wars reboot doesn’t count because it is reused). This change has come about with increased use of

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    @shum it is one 🐪

  • When someone mentions Star Wars, the sound of its most famous score likely pops in to your head, The Imperial March. But if I asked you to remember music from a Marvel movie, or a movie like Arrival, could you

    • some salient comments in that article. I agree with Randy Newman’s synopsis on the basic functions of music in Film. Music can be an amplifier of movements and moods. It can also be about songs capturing feelings that the film wants to get across to its audience. Its worth pointing out that some film composers like myself work in tandem with writers and directors. In short, a developing film score can sometimes influence the film makers decisions on plot and mood and character development.

  • Instagram posts of the Salt Lake air pollution that reside in my feed each winter always makes me cringe. How could live in such a place with that kind of pollution. The think grey blanket that sits in the valley

  • There are lot arguments against the electoral college. I think your point about the electoral college giving power to minority voters was interesting. It was actually designed to give the wealthy elite power over the less educated and poorer majorities.

  • Life is full of surprises. That is definitely just one of them!

  • Huh, there are a lot of aspects when it comes to reality TV, like its not very real. Also, it would be interesting to discover what effects reality TV has on culture. That would be a great piece of writing then.

  • Hi, I would really like to read the “one article” that you cited! Hmm, you said you found a lot of research about income inequality that doesn’t exist. However, you only cited 1 article (the other doesn’t have a source). However, I found a trove of articles+ graphs that show that income inequality exists. The New York Times has a nice collection…[Read more]

  • I like your writing, though I would like to just ask some questions. Chicago, recently having relaxed its gun laws actually, saw a jump in crime. You claim that it is the strict gun laws that cause this rise in crime, however, many of these laws had actually been struck down in 2013 all the way up to 2016. Second, I feel Thomas Jefferson quote is…[Read more]

  • Hi Blake! If you could leave some definite examples of christian persecution, that would be great. Also, you could compare christian persecution to persecutions of Jews and Muslims. You should also show how much persecution has increased, as you claim it in the title, and sadly, provide only a nice allegory to back it up.

  • Hi Kevin,
    I feel going to school has several benefits, but at times, going to school can be hard. If English is not your first language, many subjects might feels as they fly over your head. Also, sometimes, a family really needs a third, if not small, financial supporter. But overall, if you have access to school, always take it.

  • Hi Caleb,
    You bring up an interesting point that people are way too careful about what the say in fear of offending someone. Is political correctness this? If so, I could argue that political correctness is really about taking someone else’s point of view, which, in my personal opinion, is progress in society from a time where things like…[Read more]

  • Raising the minimum wage has both benefits and costs. While raising the minimum wage would help the middle class, there is a good chance that those in poverty would not see those gains. Most of those in poverty do

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      I really liked reading your post and found the topic to be interesting to read. I also learned something new because I didn’t know that San Francisco’s minimum wage was $15. I’m currently at the point in my life where I need to find a job. Without a job, I won’t get any money for myself. I believe some jobs do not pay their workers/employees enough. And so I think that raising the minimum wage is definitely a topic that more people should be talking about, especially workers. I liked how your post is about an important issue/topic.

  • Hi, I don’t see how political correctness is our downfall. You also do not provide an example.

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    Dear Katelyn,

    I agree with you on most of it. However, on the part of filing taxes, I think we should increase the threshold for not filing taxes. I think we should increase the threshold to $300,000, because if

  • Maybe there isn’t enough housing in the city to go around.Housing in San Francisco is not being built. There are still limits on how buildings can go in certain areas. This is part of the reason why housing is so

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