• “…O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

    One of the most quoted lines Francis Scott Key wrote.  He probably did not think his poem “Defence of Fort M’Henry” would become a part of today’s Na

    • I think this is a very interesting subject matter. At my school, there have been many debates on “is it okay, or is it not?” I think that it is the football player’s right, to take a knee during the national anthem, but I know I would never take a knee during the national anthem. I too agree that the government is not handling this situation way. I mean our President is tweeting about it, which I think is very inappropriate. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this issue.

    • To me equality is something that really matters because I feel like at one point in my life I would of wanted justice for someone.

    • Growing up my mother has always told me the same quote “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.” And it has stuck with me. Being African American puts you in a lot of different pairs of shoes… because we don’t get to wear the hat… and by that I mean being black in America we are often overlooked, underestimated and discriminated simply because the color of our skin. So if your not African American just take a look from the outside in to see what we go through… From being taken away from our homes to slavery and now, our current uprising issues, study it and look into some of the things we go through on a day to day. Start thinking about how it would feel to be black because it’s impossible for people not of color to put themselves in our shoes. Kaepernick has every right in this case to “sit or take a knee” for what he believes in. The men and women that serve our country are fighting for so that we can have the right to sit or take a knee and protest… but who is this all hurting ?? because this is a peaceful protest we’re talking about here no violence at all… It’s seems as if it was any other protest for gun laws, lgbt, etc. has America on its shoulders. When it cracks down to BLM it seems as is everyone is silent besides black lives of course and the people that aren’t blind or sleep to today’s system and government…

      • I agree that we have to choose what we will stand for and what we won’t. If people are doing us injustice, especially because of our skin color, we have to speak up about it. The black lives matter movement does not receive all the support that it needs so we must use our knowledge to amplify our voices and use our teamwork to make them that much stronger.

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