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    I enjoyed reading your post and agree that everyone needs to do their part in keeping our oceans clean no matter how far they live from the oceans. I think it’s important that everyone knows how to do their part and think you would enjoy this article…[Read more]

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    I enjoyed reading your post and thought the statistics you put into this post made your claim that we have a issue much stronger. I think you may enjoy this article I found online https://everytownresearch.org/gun-violence-america/
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  • Global warming is a huge problem going on in the world that I think often gets overlooked in everyone’s day to day lives. Global warming has been a rising threat that has been observed since the mid 20th century.

    • Hi Timmy,I am so interested in your topic. Nowadays, the global warming are affecting our life and the earth.
      There are some effects of global warming:

      1. The heat energy brought by the rising temperature will provide huge kinetic energy to the air and ocean, thus forming large-scale, or even super-large-scale typhoons, hurricanes, tsunamis and other disasters. Each year more and more disasters are suffered and faced, the loss of life and money is more and more unacceptable.

      Typhoons, tsunamis and other disasters not only directly damage buildings and threaten human life, but also bring secondary disasters, especially typhoons, hurricanes and other disasters brought by large amounts of rain, will lead to mudslides, landslides and other serious threats to the safety of traffic and residents.

      1. Rising temperatures will draw water not only directly from the oceans, but also from the land, resulting in widespread drought in inland areas, which will reduce food production and thus feed.

      Food and meat will be scarce, a direct threat to national stability. Food scares and fights are no longer the preserve of backward villages.

      1. Melting icebergs due to rising temperatures are the primary source of fresh water on which we depend for our survival. Much of our underground freshwater reserves come from iceberg meltwater. When the temperature balance is normal, the ice and snow circulation of the icebergs, which melt in summer, flows downhill and underground, accumulating fresh water in the plains and acting as a filter.

      The whole cycle ensures a stable balance of our fresh water. But now global warming has made ice and snow accumulation far less rapid than melting, and some icebergs have stopped accumulating, cutting off local drinking water. This will lead to conflicts and wars caused by water shortage.

      1. Rising temperatures are disrupting the natural food chain.
    • Hello Timothy, I very much enjoyed your article Global Warming Threats. I thought your link to more information on the greenhouse effect was very helpful because that term constantly gets thrown around in these arguments, so getting an in-depth look on it was good support for your article. One thing I would like to see from you is more detail on how your proposed solutions will help the problem. I know the recycling system in the US has many issues, so I would like to know how helpful or not helpful using refillable water bottles will be to reduce global warming. Overall this article was very informative and I am looking forward to your next insightful take into “hot” topics like global warming.

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    I found your article very interesting and agree that texting and driving is a issue and people need to realize that it their phones are not as important as their safety . I think you may like this article from a children’s hospital in Philadelphia…[Read more]

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    I agree with the points you made in this post and thought it was very interesting. You might enjoy reading this article from LA times about the topic of changing the drinking age https://www.latimes.com/style/la-xpm-2011-may-30-la-he-drinking-age-20110530-story.html .

  • The age to legally drink has been argued that it should be changed from 21 down to 18 because when you are technically an adult when you are 18 and should be able to make your own decisions. In the past we have

    • I agree with your statement and that the drinking age should stay at 21 not 18, but I think it is important to look at other countries and their laws regarding drinking. a lot of countries have it from 16-18 and all have a much lower rate of drunk driving accidents and such. not saying thats what we should switch to just that it is important to see it is partly do to our culture in the U.S

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      I enjoyed the article you wrote on lowering the drinking age. I would have to agree with you that the age should stay the same. While lowering the age would make drinking relatively safer, the act of drinking in general is unsafe. Plus any substances affect on the developing brain is not positive. Thanks for your post, and good luck. I found the article below very helpful if you want to check it out.

  • I thought you had a lot of good information to back up what you were saying and back up the points that you made, which were very educated points.

  • I agree with what you wrote and thought you brought up plenty of good information to support your topic.

  • Americans have a complex relationship with guns because plenty of americans have different opinions about them. Many think that gun control takes away their freedom when others also think they are necessary

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