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  • Before anything, I really like your title “AI: Evolving Future Intelligence.” I like how you included that it can helps us express ourselves.

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    Tikvah commented on the post, youth voices and AI

    I think that this is a very good way of exampling How it benefits us and the ways that we can use it outside of this lesson. I love how you focused on yourself but I want to know how you think it could benefit others that aren’t as strong with their writing skills.

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    Tikvah commented on the post, Using AI youth voices

    I agree with you when you say that it’s very helpful and convenient. I love how you used the words endless output because I think that this was the best way to describe AI. Now i do see a couple of mistakes but overall it was pretty good.

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    Tikvah commented on the post, AI MOJO;THE FUTURE

    When you said that was simple and effective, I concurred. We can use it now and in the future and will need to write more because it is a great tool. It certainly does make things simpler, in my opinion, and it also encourages us to use words in our writing that we otherwise might not.

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    I like how you highlighted specific details that highlight significant components that gave the book its identity. Instead of trying to explain it all at once and confusing us, you took your time to identify them and support them with evidence from other parts of the book. I also appreciated how you kept the theme understated while still including…Read More

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