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    I would like to say that I am not fully anti-gun, but I believe that the average citizen should not have access to weapons of war and weapons of mass destruction. If our troops in the military and navy and air force need weapons, by all means, give them weapons, but our militia is NOT a military force. They should not have access to automatic…[Read more]

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    I, too, find this to be a fairly important topic. A lot of people don’t realize that hours upon hours of studying is not healthy as it is. taking a break or just taking the slightly lower grade is worth it rather than staying up until 5:00AM and taking a test at 7:45AM the next day and for two days afterwards(like when we take the PSAT/SAT). I…[Read more]

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    This is such a beautiful poem. I love the analogy of the height you aspire to as well as the final line about the branch. That was so beautiful! very creative. very well done! -V

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    Wow! I really like this. The ending is hilarious, but actually so true, considering how quixotic Don Quixote was. This really captures the essence of Don Quixote and seems like it could have been a scene from the story either right before or right after he meets the damsel in distress of the story. well done! -V

  • i was young

    when pink and white flowers

    grew on the dogwood tree

    in the front yard of the house

    every spring

    and they filled my heart with joy

    and my eyes with wonder

    as I wondered how such a

    • Valerie,

      As someone who grew up with a dogwood tree in my backyard, I can absolutely appreciate your poem! I especially like your use of the word “dainty” as it is very fitting for dogwoods. This is a very nice piece!

    • Valerie,

      Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem! It has such wonderful description, I could vividly see the image of the dogwood tree. I especially enjoyed the parallel structure you used in lines six and seven. Your poem kind of reminded e of the poem “Dogwood” by Kelli White (https://www.poetrysoup.com/poem/dogwood_797827_). I hope you continue to write poetry, youre very talented.

    • Valerie,
      I liked your poem very much. I can really see the flowers so your imagery is great. I can also feel the warmth you convey through your word choices of “filled my heart” etc. Great job! If you want to find more poems about flowers and spring, here is a whole website full of them: http://www.quotegarden.com/flowers.html
      Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed your post!

    • Valerie,

      Your poem really touched me, because it seems as though this was a memory you genuinely cherish and remember from your childhood. I hope you keep writing, because this was a truly beautiful increment that I believe you can continue to improve on!

    • Valerie,
      Your poem was very well-written. I loved all of the simple details you added because they made me visualize exactly what you were talking about. I could really feel how much this childhood memory meant to you. I hope to see more poems by you.

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