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Thomas James’ Book Cover Redesign

I’ve picked the images in the book cover because they represented what is going on in the quotes that I had pulled out of the story. I decided to choose this type of background because it shows the darkness of all annotations and what is the emotion going through with them. The importance of the quotes I had chose is […]

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“Before Birth”: audio recording

I feel really nervous about posting my first audio recording on Youth Voices. This is my own reading focusing on tone and inflection in a passage from Dr. Victor Rios’ autobiography called Street Life. My understanding of tone in a literary text is that  you must change your voice due to how the text is going on about the background […]

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Dr. Rios…..”HI”

Dear Dr. Rios: My name is Thomas James. I’m am a helping handed person who loves to make a positive change in many of the young men groups I am hanging around. Many things I’m interested in is to give back to the community and change the messed up society.  I have just finished chapter 7&8 of your autobiography Street […]

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How to find life

My life would consist of in 20 years is that I would be making over 1500 dollars a day. I would have a good steady career showing my parents that I’m able to live on my own and to survive without parent supervision. Also, that I’m going to be responsible enough to take care of business when it needs to […]

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About the growing life of Victor Rios

  After reading the first three chapters of Victor Rios’ Street Life, I feel good about the events he is telling his audience. In looking at the imagery he uses to tell his story, I realize that he uses visual, kinesthetic, and auditory imagery in the first three chapters of his autobiography.   The first type of sensory detail I […]

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