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    Electric Car Batteries

    As scientists have discovered over the last few decades, one of the main contributors to the CO2 released into the atmosphere is the emissions from gasoline cars (17% in 2010). This is especially damaging to earth's climate and will...

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    • Hey Thomas. I enjoyed reading your post, “Electric Car Batteries,” because you bring up an issue that, to me, not many people talk about, even though it’s a widely known topic. It’s an issue that no one can find a realistic solution to, but at least try to take a step in finding that solution we hope to achieve. Something that I find interesting is: “The truth is no one knows how electric cars would affect the current situation on global warming if we substituted them for gasoline cars, but they certainly encourage a life with less CO2 emissions.” I think it’s cool you acknowledge the fact people are unaware of how exactly a feat such as this would alter our current situation and what kind of place the world be, good or bad. Nonetheless, thanks for your writing. I’d like to see what you have next and as well as what other issue you would possibly bring up.


    • Dear Thomas,

      I was really interested in your post ¨Electric Car Batteries¨ because I am interested in the future and electric cars. And I want to know how they will improve our earth or make it worse. One sentence That caught my eye was ¨Recently I read an article declaring that StoreDot, an innovative Israeli company, had developed new and improved lithium-ion car batteries ‘with five-minute charge times¨. I think if these new batteries that charge 5 times faster than the ones we currently have are going to be a great improvement. Instead of waiting for the car battery to charge for like 10 hours now we could only wait 2-3 hours until the battery is fully charged. Thanks for making a great and interesting post Thomas I’m going to be looking forward to your future topics.

      Bryan N.

    • Dear Thomas, i am very impressed with your post on electric cars because it was very interesting how we’ll these cars can help the economy. it is very awesome how they can be the future and eliminate gas problems.
      one sentence that stood out to me was “The inconvenience of this long charging duration plus the expense of the car is one of the main reasons why people are scared to make the investment, but this new battery may solve all of those problems”. this stood out because yes that is a major inconvenience but one that can be solved with time and the right technology.
      thanks for writing this interesting article I look forward to seeing what you right next thank you.

    • I was really interested in your article, “Electric Car Batteries,” because I’m interested in electric vehicles and the future. And I want to hear if they’re going to change or make our earth worse. A single word that caught my attention was I recently read an article reporting that StoreDot, a revolutionary Israeli firm, has produced new and improved batteries for lithium-ion cars with five-minute charging times. If these new batteries charge 5 times faster than the ones we already have, I think it’s going to be a huge boost. We should only wait 2-3 hours before the battery is fully charged instead of waiting for the car battery to charge for like 10 hours now. Thank you for giving Thomas a wonderful and informative message. I’m going to look forward to your future subjects.

    • Hello Thomas, Electric cars are really taking over this world and era. People will lose their jobs because of what will be the point of gas stations. Transferring from gas to electric chargers will be a lot of money and honestly, I don’t know how it will work because a Tesla takes 10 hours to charge. I don’t think people are willing to wait 10 hours to charge. Unless there is like a really quick charge which takes like 10 minutes.
      I am willing to convert from gas to electric anytime soon.

    • Hello Thomas,
      I delighted in perusing your post, “Electric Car Batteries,” since you bring up an issue that numerous individuals conversation approximately, indeed in spite of the fact that it’s a broadly known subject. It’s an issue that no one can discover a practical arrangement to, but at the slightest attempt to require a step in finding that solution we trust to attain. Something that I discover curiously is: “The truth is no one knows how electric cars would influence the current circumstance on worldwide warming in the event that we substituted them for gasoline cars, but they certainly empower a life with less CO2 emissions.” I think it’s cool you recognize the reality individuals are uninformed of how precisely a deed such as this would change our current circumstance and what kind of put the world be, great or terrible. In any case, thanks for sharing your post.
      Rosa Zavala


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Electric Car Batteries

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