• “It could not have been ten seconds, and yet it seemed a long time that their hands were clasped together. He had time to learn every detail of her hand. He explored the long fingers, the shapely nails, the

  • Shine the sun on Monday and light up the earth; shine the sun on Tuesday and help the flowers grow; don’t send heat above 80 degrees; make sure the mammals are warm, send a breeze every now and then so they w

  • Dear Leaders of America,

    My name is Rosalinda Ramos, I currently attend Fremont High School. This is my last year of High School and throughout these 3 years and a half, there’s been many unfortunate situations g

    • Nacia replied 2 years ago

      Dear Rosalinda,
      I am Upset and Empathetic by your post. It really makes me feel like this world has came to this it´s not right at all about what happens to those people. I think that doing strikes and protesting will help with all of these issues. I also have a couple questions:
      1)Are the government doing anything?
      2) Have you tried to get in touch with the city council/government?
      Thank you for writing your post. I look forward to seeing what your next topic is going to be about because I think itś really important that everyone knows your opinion and try to support you in what you are trying to achieve. Also thank you for reading my comment because I really wanted to tell you how I felt about your post and tell you how life changing it will be when more people get to it.

    • EmmaC replied 2 years ago

      Dear Rosalinda,
      I am disturbed and torn by your post, “My opinion on Charlottesville” because I feel as though today, in 2017 people should treat each other equally no matter the race/color. People should start fixing these problems for our future generations, like you said. But I feel as though, people won’t recognise these problems until we stand up for what we believe in, but it should never end in violence like it did in Charlottesville.
      Thank you for your thoughtful post, and be well. -Emma

    • Dear Rosalinda,
      I am intrigued with your post but also disturbed, the incident that happened in Charlottesville is very upsetting, as well all know. Being one of color it’s even more upsetting because this could happen anywhere with anyone. Our society have never given the appropriate attention that is needed towards people of color, nor what happens with our youth.

    • Hello Rosalinda, first and foremost, I loved your post. I think your perspective is truly unique and equally important- because you seem to live in a place where people don’t discriminate openly based on race. You imply that racial differences have little affect on your day to day life, and Charlottesville was a reminder that other parts of our country don’t share in that blessing. I also loved that you state “the illusion of race”, in order to demonstrate we’re all humans, not a separate species just because we look slightly different. The one point I wanted to highlight is that you made me consider the vast differences between our high school experiences. When I was in high school, Obama was in office and life was good. Your generation is living in the Trump administration during the most impressionable stage in your lives- and I can only imagine how that is shaping young minds.

    • Rosalinda, I agree with you when it comes to people of color being targeted by the police. Also there are good police and some bad apples in the mix but that should be fixed. Another thing is you couldn’t have said it better that human trafficking is awful to the children and families that are affected by it, and I couldn’t image the pain of being ripped away from my family. But I don’t think that they should have that harsh of punishment, we have a justice system and that’s what it is there for, but the process can be long and sometimes unfair. All in all young people like myself are the future of america and we should raise key issues in our society today and make it so when we are older they aren’t issues anymore.

      Okemos High School, Student

      Bryant W

    • Hi Rosalinda. I am a student from Judge Memorial Catholic High School, Thank you for sharing your views and perspective on the incident at Charlottesville, I love how personal and open you were with your stories; some suggestions for your first paragraph, add some links, sources or articles about Charlottesville, another item I would like to address is when you said ” I assume you already know about this situation but I will summarize key parts for future reference. ” you didn’t really summarize what happened, this event was massive and a lot happened so you need to be more specific. Some suggestions of a more specific summary is talking about why it happened, who made it happened and what carried it on? My last thing that you could make this article more constructive is please stay on topic. I love your passion about everything you talk about but in the 2nd+ paragraphs I got really lost. The title of your article is “My perspective on Charlottesville” and all of sudden you started to talk about “sex slaves and child trafficking” you either need to have a more clear transition or stay on topic. To wrap this up, Im sure you can find multiple articles about Charlottesville, so please add some. Also fix paragraph 2+.

    • Rosalinda, I love that you seem so passionate about these topics and it seems to me that you will be the person to start the change. But, I am a bit confused about how these two topics intertwine with each other. I think that the best way to make sure that both of these subjects get the attention that they deserve you have to make them separate posts. If I am completely off base please let me know.

    • Rosalinda,

      It is inspiring that you are so passionate about helping children. It think it is great that you are confident enough to call out our leaders for their corruption. I can tell that you are very strong in your beliefs. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with congressmen and other leaders. I think that you can make a big difference with your convictions.

  • Rosalinda became a registered member 2 years ago

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