• Shane, I find your post super interesting and I find all of the positives to be a positive upturn in the way that the world is going with pollution and land usage. Although these things would be great and I would love to see our entire population go vegetarian i think an important issue that would be raised would be what to do with all these…[Read more]

  • This post is interesting to me Ed because the issues involving hypebeasts and the changes we are seeing today go beyond just the topic on the surface of brand recognition and the changes in fashion, it reaches into a deeper issue of social acceptance within our youth and street culture. This issue also delves into looking at what youth will do…[Read more]

  • Billy, I think that the mentions of climate change and issues like that are some of the more pressing issues facing our world. For one those things will make up how we will live for the rest of time and it is very important to keep our planet as nice as it is can be because we do not really have another. I also think that some of the political…[Read more]

  • Sofia, I think that what you are saying in this article is very interesting. Living in Utah it has always seemed that our state is kind of held back by the religion that dominates the entire social atmosphere of the state. It is also nice to hear someone else mention the straying away from the LDS faith that can be seen in SLC and how we have…[Read more]

  • We can see how our early years like once we are talking and walking are important to our growth as humans but the very early years like our first months to 3 years old have been found to also have profound affects

    • I think babies are absolutely adorable! I definitely think our early years effect who we are today. For example I think the way we are raised forms our beliefs and thoughts. I think you should check out psychology topics that can explain how our early brain development effect us. I really like how you gave the example of the ACT and SAT because a lot of us students can relate to that. Your topic is very interesting to me because I love to learn about the way our brains work, and I agree that our baby years effect us, even though we cant remember them.

  • Dear, Arlin. You and I come from very very different ways of life and yet I can find parallels between the two of us even though we are so different from one another. That is what interests me about your post so much is the fact that although we are so different and have been raised in entirely different ways we still can find some common factors…[Read more]

  • Dear taleb, I think that this poem is very well written and interesting and I also like the connections you are making in it. I also think that you re right we all live our lives around other people and it is so interesting how we do things out of what we want them to think about us and how we act around them. Its just very interesting to read…[Read more]

  • Dear, Ammar
    I am very blown away by this post about the civil war in Yemen. I think this is one of those conflicts and wars that have been forgotten about in the struggle of the world but is still very important for us as citizens of the world to understand and try to be of assistance in any way possible. Its appalling to me that up to 16…[Read more]

  • Chris,
    this interesting question is a pretty hot topic in our country, for one I think that your simple and easy stance is also the most correct and fair, the fact of this whole matter and the issue with this entire debate is summed up simply in your sentence by saying everyone deserves to be treated fair and equally and this whole thing is just…[Read more]

  • Dear Averi,
    I am very interested in your opinions on the American culture and how we have such a tendency to put our elderly relatives into care homes when they can no longer care for themselves. Its interesting because I have always felt a reverence to those that came before me and it seems to be just an important part of our journey through…[Read more]

  • I think that this is a super interesting question because it is just around us all the time in the news and I have heard very strong opinions and feelings about it around the world. I also think that I have heard

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