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    An extremely well written and well-informed article. The only real problem seems to be a typing error, as, for me at least, the first three paragraphs are printed twice. Other than that, an very informative and interesting piece.

  • The Bay Area housing crisis is an important issue to me for the sole reason that I have grown up, and still live, in the Bay Area. Nearly every day, I see homeless people on the street, and every few months I

    • Hi Theo, I really enjoyed this article. I see every day walking around Berkeley that this problem is massive but I didn’t know any of these numbers. I liked that you acknowledged that bringing awareness is not enough anymore, people are acting as if there helping but then stepping back when anything actually needs to be done.

    • Hi Theo,
      I agree that homelessness is a huge problem that needs more attention in The Bay. It’s become too normal to see mass numbers of homeless.

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