• As I rummaged through the vast internet, I found an enormous amount of information regarding my topic of climate change. Using the knowledge I acquired this week from reading chapter five of the book Reading

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    With emissions being at a record high currently, climate change is a very important issue. Above the issue of reducing usage and finding a solution, people tend to struggle with belief of it’s existence. With this

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    I agree. This poem has changed the way I look at life. I love how it addresses current controversial topics in this nation. Thanks for this insightful experience.

  • Hey Matthew, this is a very insightful paper. It really shows how some things are not as they seem in this country. I really liked the statistic about how less than 9% of the population are veterans yet they account for 18% of the nation’s suicides. This shows how serious this issue actually is. Your research and way of presenting statistics was v…[Read more]

  • When a person walks into an art museum, what should they expect to see? A painting? A sculpture? A book?  A poem? A video game? Most people do not expect to see a video game in a museum. They see them in their

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      Hi Tesh,
      I really like this argument because it is something new and out of the box. I found this piece really intresting to read. I like how you clearly stated your claim about how video games should be considered as art anf all the evidence you backed it up with. Keep up the good work!

    • This was a really cool perspective on video games that I had never thought about. I also think that video games are a type of art, and they should be appreciated like they are art. So much time and creative influences go into creating video games, and they really put you into a whole other world of art. I liked how you mentioned the court case that helped video games be seen more as art and how you talked about the Smithsonian as an example of a museum that shows off video games as an art. Time Magazine did an article about how video games are a combination of art and science, and I thought that was another cool way to look at it. http://time.com/section/tech/

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    Who knew I would actually be using this random word that I once came across? It was when I was lost in the depth of YouTube, watching whatever caught my attention at that second. Eventually, I clicked on a video

    • This article is interesting to me, on the fact that you mentioned the origin of the word oobleck and how you described on how it fascinated you. I like how you described the science behind how oobleck works. When you mentioned on how you were on the deep end of YouTube, it made me remember on how i do that when im bored.

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