• Dear Tyler,
    I really enjoyed your analysis and your question really got me thinking. I think that it is possible to diminish racism and poverty but we will never be able to weed out all racism because it is to deeply root in our nation’s culture and history. The song “Changes” by Tupac Shakur talks about how the police interact with minorities…[Read more]

  • Teo wrote a new post, Rags to Riches 1 year ago

    My independent reading book, The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Greatest Players by Clayton Geoffreys, talks about LeBron James story about going from rags to riches. He grew up in rather unfavorable c

  • What does it mean to be an American? That is a great question because there are so many perspectives and answers to this question. To me being an American means that you have freedom. We often take our freedom for

    • Teo,
      I agree that many people take our freedoms in America for granted and we don’t truly know any different. Us slightly educated people do know that immigrants aren’t terrorist, rapists, or aren’t just here to take our jobs. So many people in America do believe that they are and fear them. There is no reason to fear them and we will keep bringing them to the country.

    • Hi Teo! The topic of diversity in America and how it has affected our lives and culture is extremely interesting. I love the connection you make to fear of the unknown and diversity, because ultimately people like being comfortable and we certainly find comfort in people who are like us. I would like to hear if you have any suggestions on how we can use diversity to promote a feeling of safety, because often times it does the opposite. I linked an article below that I think you might be interested in hearing about how diversity is a strength to our society. It goes along nicely with the point of your post. Well done!

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