• June 24,2016

    Dear President,


    Hello my name is  Teddie Bruce and I am writing  today to talk to you about college tuition and why it needs to decrease in prices.  According to the National Center for Edu

    • Teddie Bruce,
      I actually got a sense of your personality through this letter and that was really nice to read. I think you have a lot of insights and ideas, however I think your already strong argument would benefit from increased organization. You might consider reading through your letter and editing it so that all corresponding ideas are grouped together in a cohesive manner. Sometimes in my writing I get so riled up that I find myself getting off track; it’s an easy fix to just go back after you empty your thoughts and revise. I think its really cool that you’re determined to get a college education and that you synthesized this issue to your own life. Great job overall, this was a good read.

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