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    Dear Lexi, I am interested in your post because you mentioned domination and i can completely agree, Many people don’t understand the full meaning of a feminist and what they do, many assume that they think woman are better then men but its completely wrong, We want everyone to get treated the same way.

  • Dear Caleb, I am dissapointed with your essay because no women categorizes any man in “rape culture”, men sure could ask for a raise but we all know that’s not how it goes. Feminist today still are trying to make a positive impact on the world but I have never heard about categorizing men in rape culture.

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    Dear Malia, I am satisified with your post because it shows many good evidence and proof of how men and some women think feminism is “extreme” or “angry” when its not close to being that way. When you mentioned 40% being female and men saying it to “extreme”, is it really? When all we want is equality?

  • I am interested in what u had to say about where we would be in 50 years because its crazy to think we will move onto a different planet with water and we can survive on a planet other than earth. This has a really great point and good discussion.

  • I am very interested into your article because I have many personal connections to this. I struggle with stress and lack of sleep so much because I do strive to become successful and do not want to have failure in my life.

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