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  • Tatum commented on the post, Abortion

    In the article ” Abortion” (Madi 2017) I learned that abortion is a very controversial topic. I learned that women do take it very seriously when it comes to the male gender speaks of this topic, Women believe that “When men discuss abortion among themselves, as they do in far too many policy discussions, it takes a detached air of philosophical p…Read More

  • Dear Tahlia,
    Your post made me think about how real trust issues are.Made me think about how people deal with this type of feeling in different ways. Trust issues can be a thing in someones life forever, I know for a fact that as a personal thing I have trust issues, due to many trauma things. Something I wonder is how people deal with there…Read More

  • Tatum commented on the post, My Body, My Choice

    In the article,” My Body, My Choice”( Ronnie 2018) I learned that women all around the world have questioned and fought for their fundamental rights to their bodies. Women during these times had no privacy, what so ever with any personal decisions. I also learned that the United States is disrespectful and has no guidelines for women’s personal…Read More

  • Tatum commented on the post, Gun Violence

    Dear Alejandro,
    Your post made me think about how you this world is not a safe world, the way it used to be back in the day. It also made me think about all of the gun laws that have been passed or not passed and why or why they were not made into a law. As you continue to research , I hope you discover more about the gun laws, and maybe…Read More

  • In the article, “Abortion bans put Millions of Women and girls at risk” (United Nations 2023). I learned that abortion is banned in 14 states across the country, by doing so this shows disrespect toward women/girls, due to the lack of privacy in their decisions, and decisions in which are chosen with their bodies. When these states banned abortion…Read More

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