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I Remember

Midnight Books

Is he taking a showe I’m quite confused here?

Does he mean bleeding like a period in the uterus

I think the poem is about the memories in the Ohio spring, and how the “echo it comes back” i think he’s trying to say he can hear the memories.

I agree

If I Stay–What would you do if you had to choose?

What happend if he wasn’t Christian and he wasn’t saved will they still be okay with that

I agree

I think it’s about how he found god even though he was born a Christian, and how he is afraid to commit a sin

I feel like some whit people haven’t affected anyone but they may be part of the problem

Yeah i agree

I feel like he believes that education is more important

I agree

He is saying that he considers himself a wicked person.

Basically he wasn’t surprised because it was the same as usually

I think this poem was about him finding god

I agree

“White Man's burden” was the duty of white men to bring education and salvation to people around the world that he deemed uncivilized.

I agree


Yeah agree

Yea i agree

Yeah true

I think he’s trying to say that they are all older now and that he doesn’t recognize them since its been years ever since they hung out

I feel like after fonny gets out of jail he should thank Sharon and Tish for helping him and not giving up on him

I think they are talking about the girl that took fonny to jail and left to Puerto Rico but I’m not sure

I like how Tish’s mother is also worried but she doesn’t want her daughter to see that so she keeps supporting tish

Yeah true

True , agree

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