• Marcus, this hit really close to home. High school is a tough place to fit in and if you don’t make friends it can make you feel like you’re unworthy to be there. This poem really shows the reader the depth of emotion behind the writer and makes the reader feel something relatable, which is something I really enjoy in poems.

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    I really enjoyed this poem for a couple reasons. One, the flow was easy to follow and gave interesting imagery. Two, it made me think of the different backstories to the interpretation of this and how it could be taken in different ways.

  • Slowly moving

    Or not at all,

    sometimes the sloth

    is having a ball.

    9 hours off sleep

    for these cute little creatures,

    similar to humans

    just with different features.

    • Hii Tara,

      I really enjoyed your poem. Thank you for sharing it. It was very short and quick to the point. You also told the facts in a rather humorous fashion which made this poem very enjoyable.

    • I loved this. Sloths are my favorite animals so this made me very happy. It also seemed like you put some research into it, stating facts.

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