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  • Hey Caden,
    You made some really great points on how America is a melting pot and had some really great references from people that everyday people know. I agree with you that people do not take advantage of the fact that we have so many different cultures and do not learn about them, and we should start learning and appreciating these cultures.…Read More

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    My American Values

    When I think about the most important American values I think of freedom, equality, and individualism. These are some of the best values in America because they are shown and represented throughout the United States. Freedom is being able...

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    • Pretty well-rounded piece. I liked the quote you included from one of your sources, stating, “people believe freedom as the right to keep your options open,” The quote paints a picture of individual freedom and choice making.

    • Hello Tanish,
      I find your argument very entertaining and I learned a lot about your perspective on American creeds. I like how you acknowledge the struggle for equality in America is a reminder of how equality is a major American value. I like how you brought up how we have the opportunity to be who please and to be unique here in America. I like the structure of the essay as the introduction gives us a background on claims you plan to back up with in your body paragraph and how you restated the claims in the closing.

    • I like the quote from L. Robert Khols, “People are seen as separate individuals (not group members) with individual needs.” I like this quote because it can be applied to now where the action of one police officer is applied to all officers. People believe that all cops are racist now and are attempting to even kill officers that haven’t done anything wrong except for apparently choose to be a cop. We need to hold people accountable for their own actions, not the actions of people like them. I could be completely wrong and I’d like to know if you agree or disagree.

    • Dear Tanish,
      This was a really nice piece of writing, and I really liked the overall tone. I also particularly liked it when you used the quote on freedom and I agree with it. There was a nice flow throughout and it was structured nicely. You also had a very clear claim making it simple to tell your stance.

  • This article has valid points about the changes in India, plus you make good points in your essay. But, in my opinion between the second and third paragraph it feels a little rushed and that you are jumping from point to point instead of using a smooth transition.



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