Texting While Driving Survey

Hello everyone, I am collecting data about the frequency of texting while driving among students my age and my peers. This survey is anonymous and it will greatly help me with my research paper. I would appreciate anyone who would be kind enough to contribute their response to my survey. Thanks so much 🙂 Survey Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfLAmvmzV-cpkE1Y-kKBlGbNJcFyY3sgVwM94v2EfYHc9Ufbg/viewform Print Authors Rachel

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Growth in Researching

My research thus far has grown tremendously in capability, analysis, and comprehension. I found myself only wanting to read more and more about my research topic and I was genuinely driven to seek out answers if I had questions about a specific article that I was in the middle of reading. One article would lead to another article and another […]

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Devestating Effects of Texting While Driving

Even before I started driving, the issue of texting while being behind the wheel had been a concern of mine. As I have aged, my peers and I have gotten to the point where we have been given the freedom to operate a vehicle, but this also comes with great responsibility. Many young drivers overlook the amount of responsibility that […]

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Should Women be Paid Equal to Men?

For years, women have been treated at a lesser level than men. Thinking back on our country’s history, women only just received the right to vote within the last century. If we look at the last century compared to the amount of time that civilization has existed, 96 years is not very long ago. There is no reason that women […]

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Cost of College Exceeding Realistic Prices

As I am approaching the next chapter of my life, which in my case is college, I have become more aware of the extreme financial expense to attend a university. I am lucky enough to be in a situation where I can afford to continue my schooling through loans and savings, but I know of other people who will miss […]

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