• Aleah, I found your piece quite interesting. I believe another possible solution would be lowering college tuition. I wrote a more in depth essay a few weeks back dealing with this same issue if you wanted to look at that. Good luck with your research journey 🙂

  • Naomi, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about your topic about plastic in our waters. I was aware of the microbead issue but unaware that pollution of plastic directly affected the Great Lakes around us. This is quite a sad discovery to me since I spend a lot of my summer sailing or swimming in those lakes. I agree with you that awareness needs to be…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone, I am collecting data about the frequency of texting while driving among students my age and my peers. This survey is anonymous and it will greatly help me with my research paper. I would appreciate

  • My research thus far has grown tremendously in capability, analysis, and comprehension. I found myself only wanting to read more and more about my research topic and I was genuinely driven to seek out answers if I

    • i agree on what your trying to say about growth and research because when ever you keep reading an article you like you attend to keep reading more article The more you read the more you improve spelling and start to talk more fluent, also the more article you read the more stuff you know. When your doing research your mind starts to create better ideas from my experience my reading skills have improved and as i speak i started to talk in fluent so i agree Rachel on what your saying research helps people growth in research

      Sincerely Cristian

  • Even before I started driving, the issue of texting while being behind the wheel had been a concern of mine. As I have aged, my peers and I have gotten to the point where we have been given the freedom to operate

    • Rachel, I think was a great topic to write on. I too have always worried about distracted driving, and whenever my friends are on there phone when I’m in the car I get nervous. I think that this is something our generation needs to work on. Driving a car is an extremely big responsibility, and when people don’t take it serious they can put not only their own but other peoples lives in danger. Thank you for discussing this issue, you did a great job!

  • For years, women have been treated at a lesser level than men. Thinking back on our country’s history, women only just received the right to vote within the last century. If we look at the last century compared t

  • Asha, I too researched the rising costs of college tuition. It is becoming ridiculous to expect students to be able to afford these increasing prices in order to receive the education that they are seeking. Every student, if they are interested in furthering their education past high school, should be able to pursue it. Unfortunately, that is not…[Read more]

  • Cami, I agree with you 100%. This issue is something that was recently brought more into the light after Target released information on their bathroom situation a few months ago. Since then, this topic has been quite controversial. As a non-transgender person, I have no problem being allowed to use public restrooms. This is something I definitely…[Read more]

  • As I am approaching the next chapter of my life, which in my case is college, I have become more aware of the extreme financial expense to attend a university. I am lucky enough to be in a situation where I can

    • Hello Rachel,
      It is true that the college is getting harder to pay. I am a senior in a high school too and I lately realized I do face some financial issues while applying to colleges.

      I agree that people who wants to go to a college should get the chance to. Not a lot of people wants to study more and if one has enough passion in getting educated more, they should achieve it.

      I do agree that the government should care more about the school tuitions. It is crucial for students to pay less, and the government’s help with tax will worth the cost. Also, I want to add that the governments should have the college spend those money in necessary things. I do not know much about college but I do know that colleges sometimes overspend for the pride of their college. Constructing new buildings even if the old ones are usable. Matters like that happens.

      Students with passion who graduates from the school will enhance the pride of the school. So therefore I think that the colleges should be more caring about how they use money, and try to get more passionate students. This way I think the government can spend less tax and students will still be able to attend college.

    • Rachel,
      I agree that college tuition is growing higher and higher, which is a main concern for many people. I like the point you brought up about how some colleges overspend for the pride of their college. Those schools are usually the ones students hear about the most and apply to the most which raises their superiority. Their legacy and how successful and passionate the college students are should be the colleges pride. Not how much money they spend on campaigning.

    • Dear Rachel,
      I agree that going to college can be difficult to afford. Many people don’t continue their studies because the amount for college is extremely high. Some students drop out and never return to college.
      One thing you said that really stand out to me is, “Due to high costs, college is becoming harder and harder to afford for most people.” I think this is sad because most people would like to continue their studies but can’t because the price to attend is very high.
      Your post reminds me of something that my family is currently going through. Currently my family had to send my sister to a public college because my parents didn’t have the amount of money to send her to a university. Currently my parents are saving up to send her to the university she has been wanting to go since her senior year.
      Thanks for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you post was really interesting to read.

    • I agree with your stance on the cost of a education. I know from my personal experience with this issue the cost of a school can make or brake the school itself in our minds. We often aren’t looking at how good the school really is but how in the world are we going to pay for the cost of classes let alone for room and board.

    • Rachel,
      The cost of school is ridiculous. I have schools on my mind that I love and that seem completely ideal for me but the thing I most focus on is the cost. Especially for out of state tuition; I also understand that scholarships and money grants aren’t abundant. Although the sad thing is that the money can be the thing holding you back from what your looking for in a great school. Overall I agree that the cost is ubsurd and their has to be another option. Well written piece.

    • Rachel,
      Thank you for sharing your view on the topic through this post, I completely agree that the price to further your education after high school is way to much. When the university costs that much just for tuition and then you add in the added costs of four years of room and board and a meal plan, its hard to walk away debt free. Especially in the economy today, it’s hard to get a stable job without a college degree. I agree with you thought about how the legislature should pass a law that sets a limit on what a college or university can charge students to attend. Plus, if the costs were lower so many more people would be able to consider college a a plausible possibility for the future.

      Again, thank you for sharing your post,

  • As surprising as it may seem, I did not know what my favorite word was, or what it meant for that matter, until just recently. I was in my American Literature class earlier this year watching The Great Gatsby,

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