Gangs are important because they are damaging Oakland culture in a negative way to where people think Oakland is dangerous. The reason why gangs are important to focus on is because Gangs can be organized

    • Dear Talyssa,
      I find your post very interesting because you talk about something that really matters within people’s lives and communities. Everyone has their different opinions about them. But, like you said people don’t realize how much gangs affect a person’s life. In your post you mention how gangs can seek revenge on each other. People don’t agree with the gang member’s decisions. This causes fighting and violence to happen. Some people believe that gang members fight for what they care about. There in between criminal groups and community groups. Even though this is a good reason it often leads to death and incarceration. You have some good points about gangs. I hope to read more about them and how they much of an impact they have in our lives.

  • One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “The main reason why we have police brutality is that cops are hired who aren’t from Oakland,with a badge on there chest cops feel more privileged and believe they have more power and they have trust issues between the community and cops.” I think this is a good explanation of why cops form other c…[Read more]