• Dear Cheryl,

    This article is great! You added some great, strong, and powerful words! Good job! This post makes me think that everyone are not good or bad people, but I am. And I agree, you will never know what a truly good person looks like. So keep up the good work! I love this article.



  • My  name  is  Takeo  and  I  live  in  Oakland, CA. This  shadow box  that  I  created  represents  how  I  got  graduated  from middle  school  and  how  I  was  born. In  late  2003, I  was  born to  an  Afri

    • Hi, Takeo
      Nice picture and all those symbols that you choose that represents you.
      I would try to add more about your culture, even though you came here in the United States as a baby but what about your people where you was born, their traditions and the place where your parents where born.
      would you like to go to see the country where you was born?
      Tells us more about your gender, are you happy in being a man?
      How do you feel after you graduate from a school?
      How do you take care of that stereotype that African American people don’t do well in school?.

    • Jayda replied 2 weeks ago

      Hello Takeo,
      I would like to know how the cars represent and have meaning to you.
      Are you happy to be living in the United States?
      Have you been back to visit where you were born?
      Do you still participate in your cultures beliefs or the United States?
      Do you still eat your cultures food or fast foods?

  • Takeo commented on the post, Perception 2 months ago

    Dear Noah,

    I really love this article! U are a very strong writer and one thing I like about this article is that u put very much detail in it. Hope u write soon.

    Thank u,


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