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Why do many people look at Childish Gambino’s video, “This Is America” as a message to society?

When the video starts the camera zooms in on Childish Gambino, he turns around and starts to dance . His dance moves him toward a man sitting in the chair playing his guitar. Gambino shoots the man in the back of his head and appears to be unaffected by his actions. In the video , There is a theme in […]

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My life made me good at standing up for what’s important

I am Tahlia Soto. I am 17 year old. The important thing about me is that I have many talents and always competitive at anything I do. I was born in Bronx, New York, at  North Central hospital .The important thing that happened to me to make me realize to do better . Is that I lost my baby brother […]

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Trust Issues and the Burden of Your Past

People have trust issues because they took the time out to open up and to let people get to know them and understand them. It takes a lot out of a person when they put their life out to someone they don’t know; it’s like opening your home up to a stranger and saying, “let’s be friends”, not knowing if […]

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