• My name is Taheem Washington and I am 18 years old. One important thing to know about me is that I’m a unique person not like everyone else. I was born on the 27th of October in the year 2000. Something i

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      Estoy asombrado por su publicación “Video games or gang” porque este es un tema muy interesante que hay que investigar a fondo este tema.

      Una frase que usted escribió que se destaca para mi es ” getting a job, working out, video games, school, college, etc. Is joining a gang the right thing to do? NO!!!!!!!!!!” creo que esto es liberador porque es otra forma de pensar de una persona diferente.

      Gracias por su escritura . Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación porque este es un tema importante que todos deben conocer.

    • Taheem,
      Thank you for sharing your story, it was very courageous of you. Your personal experience with gangs makes it a lot more powerful hearing your advice. In my religion class we read a book about a priest who served a gang dense area. I think you would be really interesting in reading it! It is called Tattoos of the Heart by Greg Boyle

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