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    Are teen students responsible for the education of low-educated parents?

    For the past few years, I have been hearing anecdotes from my peers about, "Oh my parents work in the field all day long," "They don't know how to read or write," "There is little economic opportunity for them...

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    • Dear Tadeo I agree with your statement of how parents and students should make the best of their time when they do interact. It is important for parents to also succeed in education and the more they are able to understand and get educated it can lead them to more opportunities in the workforce. It would be helpful for students to have empathy for their parent as they did not have the same chance to get educated as they did and should take that to their advantage and include any type of education topics into the time they have together. Education does not have a limit it is just important for people to learn and evolve for themselves.

    • Dear Tadeo, I agree with your text. I have also thought of this because I have tried to get my mom to learn how to speak english for a while now, but she just won’t do it. She uses those same excuses, that she’s too tired or that she needs to cook. But I think that you can’t force someone to learn something they don’t want too. If my mom doesn’t want to take this opportunity to learn, then I can’t make her. It all falls down to whether they really wanted too or not. Because if you really wanted something that badly, you wouldn’t make up any excuses for it.

    • Dear Tadeo, I agree with your statement about students and parents taking time to learn some English. my father at first didn’t care enough to learn English but he realized how important it was for him to know how to read, write, and speak English to get by. He started with books that I used to read as a little kid so from there he started learning and also from my family as we all speak English so he had us only speak and respond back in English it took time but he improved.

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