• How do you make me feel weak on days where I feel strong, how is that you make me cry in random times and whenever people ask my if I’m alright, I have no explanation to why I’m crying. You scare me that you might

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    No matter how hard it is don’t show your feelings because darling, these days there is no trust, there is no humanity. Human sucks, learn how to fake a smile and how to force a laugh because it’s so much ea

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    Dear Lexi,

    I am intrigued by your post because you explained that sexism is a drastic problem around the world and explaining that women has not been treated equally, which I agree. One thing that stands out to me is: ” Feminists are not people who believe women are better than men. They are people who are fighting for equality and justice, not…[Read more]

  • Dear Caleb,

    I am intrigued with your post because your thoughts about feminism is honest and I can really relate with your opinion. One thing that stands out for me is: ” Feminist supporters tend to have a bad outlook on the white male because feminist tend to speak bad about them.” I think this is sad because having an opinion as a female men…[Read more]

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    Dead Malia,

    I am intrigued by your essay because you explained that people do not to change the perspective of how a women should be advertise, some also though feminism is not worth the time. One thing you said for me is:
    ” The first word used “angry” where 43% agreed that it describe feminism, while 54% felt it did not define it at all.”…[Read more]

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    I am satisfied with your post, they way you explain your happiness makes me understand that you have different ways to be happy. ” So what is happiness? I think it differs for each person because everyone has different interests and hobbies. What someone finds happiness from might be someone else’s least favorite thing.” This explanation, shows h…[Read more]

  • I am intrigued by your post, because I like the way you explain how people motivate themselves. ” This can be an example of how students act in school in relation to a certain subject. If a person is passionate about the subject of math they will most likely be more inclined to pay attention and listen during the course and exacerbate their…[Read more]

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