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    While being around other people, even ones that you may have a close bond with, it is still possible to have immense feelings of loneliness and the inability to feel as though one fits in. Therefore, whatever environment someone...

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    • Good morning Kristina, I enjoyed reading your post and am very appreciative that you understand how important mental health is. Loneliness is something that everyone experiences during their life. When we feel like no one understands us or we feel insecure about telling others how we really feel, we pretend to just shrug it off and act like nothing is wrong. But this is false, this is a problem that everyone deals and everyone deserves the right to be able to talk about what is going on in their life without judgement from others. I appreciate your post and am glad you decided to create a post about it.

    • I love your article. I believe the same that it is crucial to pay more attention to people who are socially distant or self-isolated from us, especially our closest friends who are been through a struggle like this. Sometimes, friends feel further and further from us because we don’t have the chance to bond, so creating the opportunities and being an active friendly person would be hopeful.

    • I think the article could dive into tactics to eliminate the feeling of loneliness and further coping tactics. It is interesting how vulnerable our mental health is as teenagers. We are always developing and always need support.

    • Reading this made me want to check up on the others around me to make sure they are doing okay and don’t feel disengaged. I loved what you had to say and you’re interpretation of the article was flawless. This subject is crucial to talk about and you did a great job at providing evidence for the argument. I can’t wait to read more from you.

    • Dear Kristina, I am impressed by you post, “Loneliness” because it really helped me open my eyes to see that not everyone may be in the correct mental state. Many may be experiencing feelings of loneliness even though they seem fine on the outside. One sentence that stands out to me is, “Although loneliness is a complex topic in general, it is important for the people that do not experience these levels of loneliness and depression to put in the effort to understand and support those that may be dealing with issues such as these.” I think this is crucial because a lot of the time people do not understand what individuals are going through and often judge them instead of trying to understand and be there for them to help support.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you really express and show how hard it must be for people to deal with the things they are dealing with. Your writing is also very informative to many and allows for people to understand things they have never heard of before or it allows individuals to become better informed on the topic of loneliness.

  • One of the many things that I enjoy about your blog is the way that you included statistics, showing how serious this topic is in regards to members of the LGBTQ+ community and their jobs. I also like how you mentioned that you did not know some of the information when you started this project, which shows how anybody can learn about these issues…Read More

  • I think that you including the study of Einstein’s brain made your argument easier to understand and also made me want to know about that like how does the average human brain compare to Einsteins brain, or if anyone that has been born recently have a similar brain to Einstein’s.

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    Propaganda In History class

    In school students are required to take at least three years of history and usually in those classes it is being taught by someone who is just teaching the biased textbook that is assigned. By reading whatever the textbook...

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    • This is a really interesting topic. I think that it would be more persuasive if you could find another real example so the audience can relate, but your use of an article was good and helped support your claim. I think your writing on this is really passionate which helped me become really interested in the topic. Great work!

    • This was a well written post! For further reading or perhaps research on this topic take a look into who had the most money at various points in history and who they supported. It is often the victors of wars or those with an absurd amount of money who end up having the final say in what our image of history is.

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    Heroic and Honorable Characters

    In The Once and Future King, there are many characters that exhibit heroic and honorable traits, often sharing a large amount of similarities with many fictional characters that are popular today. It was revealed farther into this book that...

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    • Hello Kristin, I like when you talked about Itachi Uchiha from Naruto how he was misunderstood by people and his brother. I think a lot of villain’s in animes, TV-shows, movies being misunderstood because they are ready to go against world for one person or they did mistakes and it turned them into villain. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I liked they way you expressed it.

    • Hey Kristina (nice Kakashi profile picture, by they way)! I agree with you on all of these characters- I think that all of them are honorable, even if they weren’t portrayed that way during the whole show. Another character I’d like to add is Naofumi from an Isekai anime series, Rise of the Shield Hero. After Naofumi was transported to another world, he was betrayed by the King and Princess, being labeled a criminal. However, Naofumi still had a good heart and saved many people from the waves of monsters. He swore off being nice to anyone after the betrayal, but he still made close comrades and saved lives. I believe that this character is heroic and honorable at heart. I appreciate hearing your interpretation on these characters, I love all of those series and book. ~✰

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Propaganda In History class

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