• Hey Brendon!
    Thank you for your post, I found it very interesting. I really liked how you pulled specific examples from the books and articles you have read. Something that surprised me was the fact that 16% of the people interviewed thought being wealthy was a crucial part of the American Dream. In my opinion the American Dream has evolved from…[Read more]

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    Hi Ian,

    I really enjoyed your post! I especially enjoyed the last paragraph when you talked about excelling in school, but still being scared of failure. I feel like I related to this. I also liked when you said you were in advanced classes, but you still noticed there was someone ahead of you in each class. I really enjoyed when you talked…[Read more]

  •  I am Sydney Stephens, I like to be called Syd most of the time. Something to know about me is that I am always moving around. I love to be active and participate in sports. Some sports that I participate in is

    • Dear Sydney,

      I am excited with your post,” Who I am,” because you have to be doing some sport oh helping in some programs.One phrase that stands out to me is “My favorite is to go to elementary schools and help children learn to read and write better.” I think this is surprising, there are not many people who, apart from those who like to do a lot of sports, allude other smaller children to learn how to read or how to write.
      Thanks for your writing. I hope to see what you write next, because you a lot of freight aces and I would like to know how they go with them and how they are going to read and write, I would like to find out when they began to read better

  • Hi Karolina,

    I like your idea and that you’re trying to help homeless people. I think it is impressive that you were able to get twenty-six signatures! I read in another post and they were marketing their idea through social media. They said they used twitter and Instagram to help spread their idea. I would agree I think that people want to…[Read more]

  • Hi Fatumata,

    I really enjoyed your post! I would agree that Atticus is the protagonist in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” However, I would argue that slavery is still intense. I think that in Alabama after the Civil War the issue was more equality. I think there was unfairness and Tom was certainly treated differently because of his skin color. I…[Read more]

  • Hi Maria,

    I think that it is great you are trying to make a change and make teenagers more aware of the affects of juuling. I thought it was interesting when you talked about how you utilized social media platforms. I think that it is becoming more common to start movements via social media. I also think that it is amazing you got forty-five…[Read more]

  •      Americans value their freedom and independence. People come from all over the world to live in America and strive for the “American Dream”, whatever that may be to you. The American Dream is different for ev

  • Hi Kelsey,
    I agree with you that we should be focusing on bigger things like our freedom and independence more than what house we live in or what we wear. I thought your argument was well worded and I enjoyed reading your post.

  • Hi Leo,
    I liked your post. I liked that you said all Americans believe in something different and that their beliefs are “not set in stone.”

  • Hi Vibha,
    I liked your post! I liked when you said that it was history that helped shaped this country into what it is today. I also liked that you said honesty is something that Americans value.

  •      Our founding fathers built this country on liberty. It’s a country where people shouldn’t be afraid to show their own beliefs. In 1963 Martin Luther King proclaimed in his I Have a Dream Speech “I have a d

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    I really like your post. I thought that the questions you were asking were interesting and thought provoking. Most of the questions you brought up I was able to ask myself. My favorite question that you asked was “Will I learn to be patient/ not give up?” I liked that question because for me it’s hard to stay calm and not give up. I liked how y…[Read more]

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