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    Hey Idrissa! I liked reading your post. I like how you mentioned that everyone makes a mistake in their lives and shouldn’t be punished for it. I just have a question, what if people don’t want the help? what if they like their lifestyle. That’s my only question, but I really liked reading your post! Here is an article that I think you might like!…[Read more]

  • Hey Katie! I really liked your essay, it talked about a lot of things that I didn’t really think about before. Like how people are making less waste because they are staying home and cooking their own meals. I did not think about that before. Here is an article that I found that I think you might like.…[Read more]

  • This article talks about everything that we need to know about the coronavirus in Utah. But perhaps one of the biggest things that stood out to me, was that Utah as a whole was not giving out tests to people who

    • I read some of the main points to this article and I also found it fascinating how they were not giving tests to people who believe they had the disease. Although I believe that has changed because they have given Utah more tests, I feel everyone has the right to be tested because as you said they could be passing it to others. Great article and topic.

  • Hey Noah! I agree with what you are saying. I like your definition of America because not many people realize that American are all different. There are so many ways to describe an American and I think that your definition is pretty good. Here is an article that I think you may…[Read more]

  • Hey Kayla! I agree that school should start later. There are so many benefits to the students and the teachers. Here is an article that I think you would like. Enjoy!

  •  In this article about being a vegetarian, I got a deeper understanding of the pros of being a vegetarian. I find it hard that people can get enough protein in their bodies to live without eating meat. But now I

  • Hey Keily, I agree with what you are saying. I would like to mention though that all of these rights that you stated are already granted. But that does not mean that everything is equal yet. Here is an article about pay gaps between men and women that I think you would like.…[Read more]

  • hey Sam, I found your topic to be really interesting to read. I never realized how much we take free speech for granted and other basic rights that we have in America. It really put it into prespective of other countries and realize that we may not be the best, but we are trying to be. Here is an article that I think you would enjoy.…[Read more]

  • School Uniforms

    In this article about school uniforms, I learned about all of the benefits of having a school uniform. These benefits are not easy to see when you are wearing one, because all that you can

    • Hello Sydney! I agree with you that the uniforms are good! I found this article explaining more reasons why they are good https://www.frenchtoast.com/why-school-uniforms I personally like how it says that uniforms are good because it eliminates feeling like you have to empress and just focusing on school. I also like how the uniforms are so easy and that I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to wear everyday!

    • Hi Sydney,
      I like your post because it relates to us since we do wear uniforms everyday to school. I had not really thought about them past not being able to express ourselves and that we don’t have the stress of picking outfits each morning so it was interesting to read other pros and cons. Here is a link to a study on school uniforms conducted for students in Nevada who have to wear uniforms. https://www.unr.edu/nevada-today/news/2013/school-uniform-study You share good points and they make wearing the uniforms not as bad as I thought.

    • Hi Sydney,
      I enjoy this post because it is very relatable, mostly because we go to a school that requires uniforms. I agreed with all of the points you made regarding how uniforms prevented kids making fun.
      Here is. a website that talks about the advantages and disadvantages of uniforms

      20 Disadvantages and Advantages of School Uniforms

      hope this helps,

    • Hello Sydney! I really enjoyed reading your post because it relates to us because we have to wear uniforms to school. I think uniforms are a good thing because you don’t have to worry what you are going to wear everyday. You also said some good points and here is an article that talks about it a little more. https://school-uniforms.procon.org

  • Hey Sophie,
    I really enjoyed this article because it is very well written and informative. This cleared up some of my confusion and helped me understand climate change a little bit better. Here is a link that I found has more information that I think you would…[Read more]

  • Hey Aliko!
    I enjoyed reading your post about American culture. America is most definitely a “melting pot” of culture. And I think that that is what draws people to America, to achieve the American dream. I think that this link will be interesting to you because it talks a little bit more about American values.…[Read more]

  • In this article about climate change, I learned more about climate change and all of the effects that it has on our earth. I already knew about climate change because of my oceanography class, but this just added

  • Hey Katie! I agree with what you are saying. It is crazy how much plastic can affect our oceans! I found this really cool article about plastics and even more ways it is affecting our oceans. I hope you enjoy! https://www.oceanunite.org/issues/marine-plastic-pollution/

  • In the article about plastics, I learned about how plastic does not just affect ocean life. It affects everything. Plastic pollution has a direct and deadly effect on wildlife and our climate. Scientists predict

    • Hi sydney I really enjoyed reading this! That is very sad that plastic is making up 40 percent of our ocean surface. But I think you had some good facts in here and helped me be more educated on this topic. I found this really interesting article about plastic affecting our oceans. https://www.biologicaldiversity.org/campaigns/ocean_plastics/

      • Read this article Katie and I can agree that it is really interesting. It seems that the Sydney (creator of this post) already saw this article as they quoted it a couple times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Sydney! I am doing a research assignment on recycling and the effects of plastic on our oceans. I liked what you said about how plastic was made to be durable but not breakable which is why its used so often in such everyday items. Plastic water bottles, for example, are often used just once and thrown in the trash because its the most convenient. If people like you and me continue to share the hard facts about pollution, I think that we could make a big difference! What steps do you suggest taking next if I am trying to influence and educate the people in my community about recycling?

    • Hey Sydney! I found your article both informative yet depressing because of the facts. When you said that plastic will outweigh the fish population by 2050, that made me lose hope for the future. We have to do something now to fix out plastic problems. Here is a link I found about plastic and the effects it has on the fish population. https://www.pewtrusts.org/en/research-and-analysis/articles/2018/09/24/plastic-pollution-affects-sea-life-throughout-the-ocean

    • Hey Sydney! A really well done and informative piece you put together here. It’s unfortunate these marine animals cannot discern their own food sources from these plastics in our water bodies. I was just wondering how the plastics get their in the first place. Could this mainly be a problem of littering and litter making its way into our oceans?

      If the above is not the case, maybe we could dive deeper and say that this problem is caused by faultiness in our waste management systems. Although plastic creation and consumption is increasing, it should be the jobs of these systems to dispose of it in a safe manner.

      Anyways, it’s a shame we have to worry about this problem in the first place.

    • Hi Sydney! It was so interesting and horrible to hear the amount of plastic that is in the ocean. I think that it is a major problem that plastic could outweigh fish in the future. I appreciate that you care so much about this problem as a teen. I do not think that enough teens care about this issue as much as they should. This effects everyone. In my own experience, something that I have done to limit plastic in the ocean is re-using plastic grocery and sandwich bags. When you said that animals will eat plastic thinking it is food that hit hard with me. It is horrible that humans are harming other species indirectly, and most people do not even know it.

    • Hey Sydney! I loved how many facts you have in your article! I especially enjoyed the second paragraph where you described how plastics came to be! I found an organization called The Ocean Cleanup Foundation they are trying to clean up 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years! their website is https://theoceancleanup.com/ and they are definitely worth checking out!!!

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