• I have heard that the bees are dying off but I didn’t know to what extent! Do you know how you could help with saving the bees? I know of something where you can make your yard a habitat for bees and be certified. Thanks for doing the project! We need awareness.

  • This is so interesting! Plus, I have to admit it’s nice to know my furry friends do love me. I always knew my dog was smarter than I thought. Nice research paper, I am curious as to what else you find out!

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    I liked this poem a lot. I appreciate that you sort of had the theme of “the eyes are the windows to the soul” but never blatantly said it. You also kind of reversed it where the eye is looking out and seeing things that others can’t. Similar to what Em said, I love the range of emotion you put into this.

  • This is such a lovely little poem. It is so sweet in so few words! It also holds a little bit of nostalgia and sadness that I also like and makes me wonder what happened as well. Great work!

  • You

    are the warm covers on a

    winter morning with snow

    and the feeling of carpet on

    unsocked feet after a long day

    such a comfort from one soul

    to another.



    are the reason I

    am not talking right

    • the emotions in these poem are described in a cool way. you mention things that id never ever think to include in a poem. I like how each poem was addressed to you but the feel of each one was significantly different.

  • The horse stood alone

    and thought to dimly to himself

    what am I doing

    • This is a very deep poem. I’m not really sure what it means but I think it has to do with life having no meaning and how none of us really have a purpose here. We are all just floating around on a breeze just aimlessly strolling through life. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right.

  • I really like this poem! It has a twist on it that is different from Cruz’s original work. I feel that the character portrayed is anxious, about to burst (logically so) versus the more out of place, frustrated, character that Cruz presents. Very very well done 🙂

    Thanks for you work,


  • This very true! I know a few people that wear safety pins on their shirts to denote that they are safe/ accepting people. I think it’s a very interesting and nicely subtle movement. It is an easy way to show solidarity without arousing to much notice. However, I did hear something a while back about how some nationalist/ hate groups had started…[Read more]

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    The little white church was alone in the desert.

    Any towns that had huddles around it, hiding this single sacred space from the elements, was gone. Lost to the sand or fire, no one remembered.

    But the little

    • Natalya,
      This is so well written! I love your word choice, the ending is perfect and the tone overall really makes this setting realistic. Great job!

  • Hi Lily,

    I thought it was very interesting that you found some negative side effects of meditation. I hadn’t thought of things like trauma memories resurfacing, that’s pretty crazy. Meditation is definitely something I’ve been thinking of looking into! Thank for your input.


  • Marcus,

    This poem is great! I love the rhyme scheme and the flow of the whole thing. It had a very bouncy rhythm that I enjoy. I can also relate very heavily to that struggle. I never ever want to get up but the anxiety of failing always gets to me!

    Great work,


  • Hi Naomi!

    This is a really beautiful poem! I like the imagery and how you almost used a short sentence kind of thing but with no punctuation. It reminded me a little of Moana. Nice ocean vibe.. I can’t wait for spring break.


  • Dear Andre,

    This is a hilarious story! It reminded me of one time when I went camping for my tenth birthday and my dad had put my birthday cake in the backseat of his truck until we were going to eat it the following morning. We went to bed and everybody woke up about an hour later to a group of raccoons eating the chocolate and marshmallows we…[Read more]

  • Dear Arjen,

    I keep seeing this connection between the current world and the book 1984. I personally have not read it but am seriously looking at picking it up next time I am at the library. I liked the cliffhanger ending of this post quite a bit. It adds to the feeling of trepidation that connections to “utopian” books like this provides. I agree…[Read more]

  • Em,

    I really liked this poem. It was short and simple but also carried a longing that I can relate to. I read it as a love poem.. or lost love. I’m not sure, but I also think it could be read a different way which adds to the beauty.
    Thank you!


  • Dear Alli,
    I really liked this poem. I wrote a Where I’m From poem earlier this year and found it difficult to make it flow nicely but also have the kind of emotion I wanted it to. Your poem did an incredible job of that. I really loved the imagery of the bookshelf in the last couple lines. It truly got across this concept of a family rooted in it…[Read more]

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    I agree with you on all of this. It is hard yet important to realize you are a major proponent of your own stress. It is sometimes harder still to do something about it. A significant portion of the kids in my school suffer from depression that isn’t helped by the college prep atmosphere of the school. School is a major stress that I wish we could…[Read more]

  • I  must admitt, I don’t care about wind tunnels

    I must admit I fear many things. Most of them, for no reason. I am like a rabbit, coincidentally that’s my Chinese zodiac sign. Maybe that explains it.

    I must

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