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  • Hello,
    I was very suprised to learn of this experiment! It breaks my heart that such blatant cruelty is allowed to happen to innocent animals. Before I read your article, I never knew that there were issues such as these in the animal world. I completely agree with the fact that sometimes science takes it too far, as we have seen here and in the…Read More

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    The Communsit Manifest With An Introduction by A. J. P. Taylor - Book Review

    Hello! I chose this book because it was recomended to me by a close friend and I wanted to see for myself what the big fuss around communism is. While I haven't finished reading all the way through the...

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  • Hello!
    The way you wrote this poem is so eloquent and appeals to emotions. You demonstrated a wide range of vocabulary which added to the poem’s elegance. The way you started off with the exact time of your death was a great hook to keep reader’s engaged! Can’t wait to read more of your work!

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    Dear Shania,
    I really liked alliteration in the first part of your poem! I think that conveyed all the things you wanted it to perfectly. Since you started with a lot of alliteration, it might be a cool idea to end with it as well. Also, there were jsut a few minor grammer mistakes with capitalization, but aside from that, great job.
    Thank you!

  • Hello Dominick,
    I really enjoyed the background context of your current situation as it helped me see the world through your eyes. The one thing I would say, only if you feel comfortable with it of course, is to go more in depth about what your cousin did that made you question why you didn’t want to be like him anymore (if my interpretation was…Read More

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