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Book Review: To Your Eternity

As the renowned author of A Silent Voice, Yoshitoki Oima brings yet another masterpiece to the table. In contrast to her previous work, this title delves more into the future rather than the past.  The fantasy To Your Eternity , originally titled “To You, the Immortal,” is the first graphic novel of 16 volumes, and is currently still ongoing.  If […]

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Is Digital Art Fake?

To some people, digital art is considered “fake.”  They believe that it’s cheating and doesn’t require any effort.  However, I believe that digital art is just as hard as traditional art, and shouldn’t be considered less skillful.  Just because the artwork is digital, it doesn’t mean that it took no or less effort. “Some traditional artists accepted and validated digital […]

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Why is Lore Important in a Fantasy Story?

“A good fantasy story is immersive. It pulls you in and makes you feel like it’s real, even though it very obviously is not (Edwin).”  The best way to write an immersive fantasy story is through world-building and lore.  With good world-building and lore, the fantasy world becomes believable and consistent.  “World-building lays the groundwork for your characters to develop, […]

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Why are Literary Art Publications Good for Schools?

What importance do literary arts publications have for schools?  Many students enjoy literary arts in their free time, and some even create their own.  You may ask, “Why are literary arts publications necessary for schools? Students could just keep their work to themselves or share it on social media.” I’m here to answer those questions. Many beginning writers and writers […]

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