• Susannah

Hey Alex, I agree that joker is the best character in the game, but that depends on multiple factors. I find that in online battles, joker isn't always the best pick because his character requires precision and the game may lag. This is why the top Joker player,...

Why am I scared of clowns? View Comment
  • @Susannah
  • December 11, 2021

Hey Michelle, Your example really resonated with me. I walked to school back when I was in middle school but refused to do so after hearing about the killer clowns. I wasn't really scared of clowns until then. I've watched a few videos on clowns since, such...

How To Become A Better Writer View Comment
  • @Susannah
  • November 17, 2021

Hello Shawn, I like how you brought up "imitating" a writer. Just like with art, writers have their own styles and should experiment with others to find their own. I find that writing essays is much easier than writing books- just like you said, once you have...

body dysmorphia View Comment
  • @Susannah
  • November 16, 2021

Hello Asher, I really liked how you said we should all work together to create a positive environment for each other. We see "perfect" people on social media all the time, and it could bring a lot of us down. As someone who has both body dysphoria...

Learning to Fight Back View Comment
  • @Susannah
  • October 20, 2021

Hi Ernesto, I like how more women are being taught self defense now- it's sad that self defense is something has to be taught for someone to feel safe. I wish that people could be taught to keep their hands off of other people and respect them instead...

Does SpongeBob make you dumber? View Comment
  • @Susannah
  • October 20, 2021

Hello Alex, I don't think that Spongebob or fast paced cartoons necessarily make kids "dumber." Since the four year olds took the tests right after watching the videos, their mind could have still be on the cartoon instead of focusing on the test, so results could be different in the...

Hello Adalia, thank you for addressing Betrayal and how much of a negative impact it could have on someone's health. I rarely see Betrayal in particular being discussed. Many people get betrayed, but others tend to brush it off because "they'll get over it." Being betrayed,...

Heroic and Honorable Characters View Comment
  • @Susannah
  • September 29, 2021

Hey Kristina (nice Kakashi profile picture, by they way)! I agree with you on all of these characters- I think that all of them are honorable, even if they weren’t portrayed that way during the whole show. Another character I’d like to add is Naofumi from an Isekai anime series, Rise...

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