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  • Hello Asher,
    I really liked how you said we should all work together to create a positive environment for each other. We see “perfect” people on social media all the time, and it could bring a lot of us down. As someone who has both body dysphoria and dysmorphia (though more mild), I think it’s an important message to send. I always feel a lot…Read More

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  • Hi Ernesto,

    I like how more women are being taught self defense now- it’s sad that self defense is something has to be taught for someone to feel safe. I wish that people could be taught to keep their hands off of other people and respect them instead of needing women to learn self defense, but that seems almost impossible to achieve.

  • Hello Alex,

    I don’t think that Spongebob or fast paced cartoons necessarily make kids “dumber.” Since the four year olds took the tests right after watching the videos, their mind could have still be on the cartoon instead of focusing on the test, so results could be different in the long run. The PBS show they showed them could have been boring…Read More

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    Why is Lore Important in a Fantasy Story?

    “A good fantasy story is immersive. It pulls you in and makes you feel like it’s real, even though it very obviously is not (Edwin).”  The best way to write an immersive fantasy story is through world-building and lore. ...

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    • Susannah, you asked a very good question! I agree with you that lore is very important and can build characters. Lore is what makes the world you are exploring or reading about unique. Without lore in the fantasy world’s then they would be dull and boring. Lore is what makes you curious and asking about other aspects of that world.“The biggest advantage of using lore to establish a fantasy world is that a piece of lore doesn’t have to be lengthy or detailed. Lore can say a lot with very little. More than that, it can invoke curiosity far more than dry exposition can (Edwin).” This quote is great in how it explains that lore isn’t required to be lengthy and detailed, it can sometimes be small text that relates to the world and brings upon questions. You make a great point that before creating characters, world-building should come first. It is the foundation and sets limits for what is realistic and unrealistic in your world. Fantastic post, I hope to see more posts like this!

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