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Difficult part for me couldnt complete Print this page. Author Surako

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Gene cloning is the process in which a gene of interest is located and copied (cloned) which makes me for it. Out of DNA extracted from an organism. When DNA is extracted from an organism, all of its genes are extracted at one time. This DNA, which contains thousands of different genes. The genetic engineer must find the one specific […]

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Podcast about Domestic Violence

Click here to listen to my podcast about domestic violence Print this page. Author Surako

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Critical Conversations about domestic violence

According to statistics from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime while, nearly 3 million men in the US are victims of physical assault each year. This drastic disproportionality between men and women who experience domestic violence reflects our patriarchal society.  This paper will focus on women’s experience with partner […]

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Research and Read

“Domestic Violence against Women: Recognize Patterns, Seek Help.” Mayo Clinic. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 01 Mar. 2017. Web. 30 May 2017 Domestic Violence in other words “intimate partner violence” happens when two are in a serious relationship. Domestic Violence can happen in different ways emotionally, sexually and physically. Domestic Violence is not something you can see by […]

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What do you stand for?

What is domestic violence? How common is domestic violence? What causes domestic violence? Why don’t the women just leave? How do you support a friend or a family member who is experiencing domestic violence? What are solutions to prevent domestic violence? What matters to me in my everyday world is that people are not aware of women who are in […]

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Genetic engineering on Colones

My application of genetic engineering I have chosen, is knowing more about cloning. I choose this particular application because I learned about cloning recently and I thought interesting to learn more about it. My three questions are, Can cloning be done on humans? Can the clone survive? Can this be beneficial in anyway? Print this page. Author Surako

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Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is the process of adding DNA to an organism. The goal is to add as many traits that are not found in the organism such as crops with oil content, plants that resist to insects etc. Before watching the video my initial gut reaction was that it was awful. After I saw these videos and read the article […]

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Practicing Good Eye Contact With Proper Body language

Print this page. Author Surako

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Showing Othello’s “True Love”

Before I created this scene, I asked my myself what scene would I use. I also asked myself what would I put on my stage that matches this scene. What I learned in this XP challenge is that even people you trust can influence you and change your mindset about someone or something to manipulate you. They can manipulate you […]

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Deeper look into Shakespeare lanuage

Quote: “[Lago] The very elements of this warlike isle,/ Have I tonight flustered with flowing cups.” (Act 2.iii.51-52) Analysis: The word “elements” could mean people like cassio. It could also mean “elements” as in “apart of something chemically converted”. So Iago, will mix alcohol that goes into people’s bloodstreams and make them crazy and do things. The word “fluster’d” could […]

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Breathe Life into Shakespeare with your voice

I choose the play Othello. Act 2 scene 3 lines 325-334 The character I played was Iago. What I learned is that I had to stop stopping because it sounding like I was reading. Also looking at examples of the videos showed me that it was a certain time to get loud and when to slow it down and stop. In […]

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Owning Shakespeare “Reflection”

Kim stated that Shakespeare has a way of showing race, religion and war when writing plays. I disagree on “Why Study Shakespeare today?”, because I feel that students who feel more comfortable talking about issues that happen in day to day life situations often tend to feel more engaged when that topic is brought up than listening or reading fictional […]

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An unwanted Letter

Dear Surako,   I just found out that you were not graduating! All those years of you going to school receiving awards that made your family proud and now I find out that you’re not graduating! This is news that I would never imagine hearing. I’m so hurt nonetheless upset, we spent long nights and early mornings preparing you to […]

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Looking for feedback on my Research Thesis

Dear Youth Voices Community, My name is Surako Follings Jr I am currently doing my senior capstone and I feel stressed and tired by all of these journals. This is my current thesis statement: 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Nearly 3 million men in the US are victims of physical abuse. The people who […]

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Asking for help Curating Soucres

Dear Youth Voices Community, Hey, Youth Voices my name is Surako Follings I am a 17-year-old senior at Fremont high school located in Oakland California . The social inequity problem I am looking into is Abusive Relationships. The demographic group I am most focused on for this inequity is Men and Woman. Abusive Relationship because I want to know more […]

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Checking claims in wikipedia article about abusive relationships

I just read a Wikipedia article:   I agree with this article because abusive relationship is a type of aggression which harm is caused by damaging someone mentally and physically. Relational Aggression gained media attention, movies etc . Relational Attention is defined as type of aggression that is “intended to harm others through deliberate manipulation of their social standing […]

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Dear Future President, Living in California my family and I are obligated to pay taxes with everything we purchase. However, I disagree with having to take on this responsibility because it isn’t fair. In other states such as Oregon, they don’t have to pay the extra that we have to. I feel there should be equity among every state in […]

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