• To the teachers, the educators, the inspirations,

    Thank you. Thank you for the lives you have affected and the knowledge you have shared. For your hard work and dedication to what you do. For your enthusiasm in

  • In the modern world, it seems that everything is ever changing and ever progressing, but the ever constant force driving this progress is the mindpower of capable individuals. This capability stems from the power

  • Evan, great job with your infographic; it was very well laid out and hit on multiple good points. School lunches may not even be on the radar for some people who are able to bring lunch from home and receive good education about nutrition, so thank you for bringing some of the real statistics to light.

  • Grant, I think you did a really great job clearly listing out the pros and cons of nuclear power. What is your personal opinion on the matter? Do the cons outweigh the pros? I think that nuclear power is still a bit risky to use as a widespread source with the technology we have now, but as advancements are made, there will definitely be more…[Read more]

  • Here is the link to my infographic for the What Do I Stand For playlist.

    • You have lots of great statistics, and it seems like you’ve done some great research. This is a very important subject, especially now with the change in office and the new secretary of education, and you have presented some really informative points. I also didn’t know that the budget was being cut by that large a margin.

  • We are currently working on our This I Wish to Change projects, an extension of This I Believe. I chose the topic of the value of education for my This I Believe, and I would like to continue that idea in my This

  • Hi Grant,
    I think you hit on a lot of great points in the first three paragraphs regarding the similarities between Huck and Jim. They come from different social standings, but when you look at their motivations and backgrounds, you can definitely see that there are many similarities between them, as you mention in your analysis.
    I was wondering…[Read more]

  • Huckleberry Finn is the main character in Mark Twain’s The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn. He is a thirteen year old boy, dressed nicely when he is forced to, and dressed in whatever he can scrounge together when n

    • Huck is most definitely a good person with the right type of morals. There’s growth in his character as the story moves on and he undergoes many incidences and events that help add depth to Huck. Although, if you think Huck has changed throughout the story, why would Mark Twain say that there is no plot or moral to the book? If there’s obvious progression in Huck’s character with helping a slave become free in racist communities, there would have to be good intentions to the character who decides they would go to hell for helping someone of a different race. Even Tom Sawyer argues that Jim should be free to walk the earth, and this is coming from a boy who would only follow the rules and be more likely to conform to society. The characters who make this a moralistic story are the kids because they have a innocent and different mindset that allows for growth and improvement to be made.

  • I believe in the value of education. Education is what has allowed me to have most of the things I have today, from basic reading and writing skills, to worlds of knowledge that pique my curiosity and wonder. It

    • I agree with the text about the value of education. I also agree on how we need to improve our teaching skills in public schools. Education also has allowed me to have most of the things I have today. Education has thought me the values that I hope to carry with me forever.

    • I agree with what you were saying on the values of education. Not everyone appreciates the education they have. When in other countries they do not have the same rights as us. Education has made me stronger and learn more skills. Education has showed me to be more responsible. We need this learning because in any career we do it will be needed.

    • I agree with the other on the value of education.I believe that public schools should get more funding to improve skills for teaching and interacting with students.I also agree that people should appreciate what they have and take their education seriously and use it for the rest of their lives.

    • I agree with article about the values of education. I also agree that being in a learning enviroment will help you with social skills and responsibility. i believe people should appreciate education because not everyone is able to go to school.

  • What do I stand for? An interesting and complex question to think about, especially considering how there are just so, so many issues today that deserve attention. From what I see, the link that connects them all

  • Hi Eric, I think you brought up some really great and thought-provoking points here. I agree that Pap is a character representative of the attitude of many Americans at the time with a social status similar to his. I also can see the clear connection between the tensions then and the tensions now. I especially like your line, “However, the tariffs…[Read more]

  • Hi Joseph, you took this analysis in a really great direction. I agree that the feud between the Grangerfords and the Sheperdsons is reminiscent of the one in Romeo and Juliet. It’s interesting to think about these things from Huck’s perspective; from my perspective, I would choose solid land over the uncertainty that comes with being on the sea…[Read more]

  • Currently, my American Literature class is reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mart Twain. We’re taking notes on the book in the form of a dialectic journal, in which we pick a quote every few

    • Hello Minne, I am liking this book a lot so far. When you were talking about how her ways were negative towards the window, do you think she will still be negative towards them? I think this is going to get more interesting in the future. I just want to hear more about Jim and how people treat him.

  • Dear Dinakar,
    I agree that this is a really sad issue; we should have stronger and more tightly-regulated background checks for people looking to obtain firearms. I hope this issue gets addressed in the coming years.
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      Dear Dinakar,
      I agree that this is a really sad issue; we should have stronger and more tightly-regulated background checks for people looking to obtain firearms. I hope this issue gets addressed in the coming years.

    • Dear Next President:

      In many cases, it is human nature to look more at the short term than the long term. Staying up late and regretting it when you have to go to school the next day, procrastinating on an

      • Hi Minnie! I can tell that you are very passionate about our earth. I love how you focused on a specific source that is being depleted on our earth and did not just say that our earth was in danger. I think you did an excellent job using evidence to support your reasoning and it looked like you put a lot of work into your post. Nice work!

      • I agree very strongly with your argument, individuals need to become aware of the current state of the environment and how big of an issue it really is. I like how you incorporated elements from your article in your writing, I think it really enhances your argument.

      • Hi Minnie! What a powerfully directed point you have made in this well written piece of work. I agree that it is so important to take care what we have before it is to late. I think you did a great job of going into detail with many subjects you clearly feel very passionate about.

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