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    What Stuck Out to AI?

    Introduction Paragraph Using my annotations for part one of the book Long Division by Kiese Laymon on NowComment, AI created an essay. I generated seven essays and chose the one I thought was the best. Result six was my choice,...

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    • I enjoyed the essay a lot and loved how you tied in culture and satire. I think I would love to read about how AI impacts you and your classmates. I also like the way AI wrote the essay because I can still tell that your input and ideas flow through the writing.

  • The confidence in your decision shows in your writing. Thinking trade school is the easy way out, is interesting. I don’t think you can simply describe it that way. What people get out of college and trade school doesn’t seem measurable on the same level. I think it comes down to what career you want and/or what you want to get out of either…Read More

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    Suhailah commented on the post, What they hide

    Your writing is very interesting, I liked that you focused on something that isn’t taught in schools. What’s the context for this writing? Is this all written from your perspective?

  • Your take on putting America on trial was interesting to read. I liked that you connected the past and the present. The past is something we can’t escape. It’s crazy to wrap your head around the fact that people in society have worked against black people for 4oo years.

  • Your reflections for both episodes were written very well. Your word choices and depth shows your connection and understanding to what you watched. You used quotes and brought up topics from the docuseries that I forgot about. What did you mean when you said “my sister and I are the sources of my dad’s greatest concern when it comes to…Read More

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