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    Thank you for reading my article, it means a lot. Something that stood out to me in your comment was that you were not aware of the opioid problem in Oakland. It stood out to me because I think that it’s pretty obvious that there are drug addicts here. Thanks again for reading 🙂

      • Dear Efan,

        I think that your post was interesting because other posts talk about the negative side of Oakland but you wrote about a positive thing in Oakland. A line that stood out to me was, “Studies have shown that players of competitive sports such as soccer tend to have higher grades overall and lower rates of depression and to participate…[Read more]

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        Dear Angelina,

        You had a great argument on littering in Oakland but I have to disagree with it. First of all, I don’t see that much trash here and I think that there are bigger problems that we should be focusing on. For example there is a ton of homeless individuals who don’t get help, a drug problem, and lots of violence. Those are problems tha…[Read more]

      • Do the authorities seem to care about the drug problem in Oakland? Simple answer, no.

        Based on the research opioids are a huge problem in Oakland that people should be aware of. This is true because there is a

        • Dear Sugeiry, You article was one interesting one I didnt think I would come upon. I wasnt aware that Opiods led to a lot of homeless people in Oakland, and I am glad you put that out there. Teens being surrounding by it is not good as well, itll lead them under the freeway like most homeless people becoming like them. You article informed me a lot, Thank you.

          • Thank you for reading my article, it means a lot. Something that stood out to me in your comment was that you were not aware of the opioid problem in Oakland. It stood out to me because I think that it’s pretty obvious that there are drug addicts here. Thanks again for reading 🙂

            • Dear Sugeiry,

              I feel grateful that you wrote this as your blog. There was many sentences that stood out to me. One of the sentences were “These situations end up with the teen being a victim to situations that they can’t control.” This stood out to me because there are many people who deal with situations like abuse or parents using alcohol or drugs. However they can have the option to do drugs everyone has an option, but that doesn’t me that they are all going to chose to do drugs are drink alcohol. Have you ever thought that people do care about what’s going on in Oakland about drugs but people just ignore them because their voice is to small or people think that what they are saying is wrong.

            • Hi Sugeiry, my name is Sandra and I am currently a student at SJSU. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post because it was interesting to learn more about the homeless rates and opioid usage in Oakland. I have seen similar issues in San Francisco, and it makes me sad that our community and government has failed to help those struggling with drug usage. Along with failing to help users, our community seems to have failed its citizens as well. “Their answer to that is nine times out of 10, ‘If you call us and they are not harming you or your business, we are not going to come out. You can file a report online or you just need to attend the city council meeting and express it there,” I believe this quote and it is unfortunate that this is a common occurrence in cities struggling with these issues. Like you’ve stated, those who use opioids/other drugs tend to end up in situations they can no longer control. If only we were able to do more to help those during difficult times in their life. Thank you for taking the time to inform readers on important issues that may sometimes go unnoticed in our communities.

          • Dear Remigia

            I am extremely impressed by your shadow box because you added a little grass area with animals in them and I thought that was a really cool idea. another thing that I liked about your shadow box was that you included pictures of clothing from your culture. Thanks for your shadowbox. I look forward to seeing what you make next because…[Read more]

          • The items in my shadow box represent the counter narratives of my assigned and chosen identities. Some of the items that I chose to include in my shadow box include pictures of my family, a bi flag, a little

            • Sugeiry,
              I think it’s very brave of you to acknowledge who you are as a person. It’s not easy being different to everyone else because we are all accustomed to traditional customs and values. Especially now living in a judgmental world it can be challenging and scary to show who we really are. I value your courage to speak up and express to the world that being yourself is more than enough. I admire that you highly speak about your race and embracing your culture because it is an important part of your identity. I am also from Mexico and like how you chose objects that are commonly used in our hometowns to show who we are. Thank you for sharing your shadow box!

              Alexandra A.

            • Dear Sugeiry,

              Thanks for sharing about your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I really loved reading how you explained how being different is not a bad thing, it’s something we should be proud of. It empowered me and made me realize that we shouldn’t hide our differences; instead we should show and learn to appreciate them. We should love ourselves from where we came from and who we are. Again, thank you for sharing about your shadow box!

              Jennifer R.

            • Dear Sugeiry,

              Hi I’m Bianca and I’m a student at San Jose State. I think it’s amazing that you are comfortable with being true to yourself and even if it seems childish to others and it makes you happy then it doesn’t matter what others think. I also enjoy some things that others view as childish but it’s the simply things that I like and it’s good to be different and be yourself.

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