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I agree her parents want her to be safe

i agree, people have different thoughts every time

tish wasnt afraid to tell them

i agree that would damage it

i agree

not afraid

different places

puerto rico

he was probably furious at the moment. him mind was somewhere else.

she was angry and disgusted

the mother was furious

they were in aw

ask to marry

fonny is a good person

he cares for him and shares his love with him

i agree because the dad doesnt over react

i agree because there is always a cause and affect

fonny describes the lockjaw as a person

People see things in different perspective

it shows how she loves and adores the person.

fonny cares for him

they all have a special view of a the church like their own perspectives

why did fonny have sunday school

cares for her family

i agree it would probably be because she didnt know what to do

i agree because her and her friend have a connection

i agree with your statement

It talks about how someone would want to be treated fairly

I agree

it shows how some people dont understand.

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