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    Is Intelligence Nature or Nurture?

    In a society with various people, intelligence is based on nature because, research has proven that “a person's IQ is highly influenced by genetic factors” (Williams).  In a study conducted at King's College London, “turned to a cohort of more...

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    • I really like how you involved in your articles scientific research and how you based your opinion off of that. I also like how you Einsteins brain and supported your statement with that as well. The only thing I would say to do is to put more of your own words on why you believe your statement and giver your opinion instead of basing it off more on the evidence.

    • I think that you including the study of Einstein’s brain made your argument easier to understand and also made me want to know about that like how does the average human brain compare to Einsteins brain, or if anyone that has been born recently have a similar brain to Einstein’s.

    • Dear Stephanie,
      I found your post to be really interesting. Intelligence is something that we’re constantly trying to achieve in school and yet we never get told how any of it is even measured. I think it’s interesting to question what qualifies someone as smart just because, like you said, everyone has different capabilities, talents, and circumstances so it’s kind of hard to place everyone in a single box.
      Something that stood out to me was when you mentioned environment and studying, because when I first thought about the question I couldn’t help but think about how in order to be proficient at something we must practice it. So to me, taking into consideration outside factors are really important to qualifying someone as smart.
      Thank you for writing this, it was really informative and well written !

    • Dear Stephanie,

      I am impressed by your post, ¨Is Intelligence Nature or Nurture,¨ because it is interesting and impressive how intelligence has a lot to do both genetically and with the education that you received. I think most people think that intelligence comes from your effort, but apparently it is not only that.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: ¨intelligence is based on nature because, research has proven that “a person’s IQ is highly influenced by genetic factors” ¨ I think this is very strong because this simple sentence makes you really think about where all the intelligence that many have come from.

      Thanks for your writing.  I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I like your writing and I would like you to continue telling us more about where intelligence develops. I hope your writing helps many to know a little about where intelligence comes from but I would like you to provide us with more information about that.


    • Dear Stephanie,

      I am impressed with your post, “Is Intelligence Nature or Nurture?” because there are many factors that help to determine how intelligent someone is. It also allows students to know that being smart isn’t just because kids are smarts is because of genetics and from your own will.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “Of course, nurture also plays a role in intelligence, like when a student studies for a test or quiz, they are more likely to succeed on the test or quiz than other students. There are students out there who do not need to study as much compared to other students because intelligence is hereditary.” I think that this is important for students and teachers to remember because somethings are able to change while others aren’t.

  • I love the topic of this post, it is very detailed and helpful. I like how you talk about the aftermath of betrayal, it is not talked about enough. One thing you could improve on would be to go into more detail about the meaning of betrayal. Overall this post is very informative and interesting!

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    The definition of heroism is “great bravery” (Oxford Languages). There are many things that people do that require bravery, one of the bravest people especially nowadays, are doctors.      Health-care workers have always risked their lives attempting to save other...

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Is Intelligence Nature or Nurture?


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