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    Hi Joce,

    I loved your poem. I think it is super strong and well written. I liked that you were able to open up and talk about a time that was difficult and how you handled that. The part that stood out to me the most was the part where you took initiative and called your dad then visited him even if it wasn’t as planned. It says a lot about who…[Read more]

  • Hey Fany,

    I really liked your piece because I feel like its something you don’t really share about yourself. But, I also know that it is a big part of who you are and your identity. I like that you focus so much on your family but, this also has to do with where you identify. I wish you would have talked more about the difference of you living…[Read more]

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    Hey Yaqui,

    I really enjoyed reading you comic. I admire how bold you are to share such a hard time in your life. I couldn’t imagine what that felt like. Panel number three was extremely powerful to be because the stairs were leading up to a pitch black room. I saw that as symbolism for what you could have been feeling, like alone or just empty on…[Read more]

  • When I hear the news

    “Sister I’m pregnant”

    My jaw dropped

    I didn’t know how to react.

    I was excited

    Worried for my sister.

    Happy to be an aunt.




    And as the nine months went by


    • Hey Stephanie,
      I really like the vulnerability in this piece. I love how you describe the setting and the emotion because I can really picture the moment in time this is happening. For example in the line ” I promise to love you Gael” has a lot of depth and raw emotion to it because of the way you described things at first. I also connect with this poem because I have a nephew I show unconditional love to the way you show Gael.

  • Hey Saul,

    I really liked your piece because it made me smile since I can totally imagine this in my head. Anyway, your picture of the broken arm was really good. I like that you talk about the bond that you and your brother have and how the love between you two created this love that you have for soccer. I could sort of relate to your comic…[Read more]

  • Hi Vesna,

    I had a pleasant time reading your comic because of the message you get across. By starting with a picture of someone working in the fields it instantly caught my eye. Then it was interesting to hear your moms story and how she’s a super mom for raising such great children! I was so happy at the end to find out that even if you were…[Read more]

  • Hey Esthefany,

    I was really entertained by your comic because of how you expressed the importance of family. This stood out to me because I can relate to it and the way our families celebrate and spend time together is similar. I also noticed that my family does the grape thing too where youre supposed to have 12 wished. I liked the vibe on your…[Read more]

    • Hey Chata, I really liked your comic. I can really relate to the part where you question the friendship you had with this person. I think this advice that your grandma gave you can be very useful to a lot of teens who are stuck in an abusive relationship/friendship. Thanks for sharing such a vulnerable piece.

    • Dear Stephanie,
      I really like how you told this story about your grandma and everything she has taught you, im pretty sure this was a hard topic for you to talk about but it was a great story for you to share. Good Job!

    • Dear chata,

      I really enjoyed resding your comic memoir. I can tell that your grandma was a role model to you and that you really took her word with you because of the actions you’ve made. Thanks to her, you stepped up and didn’t let noone disrespect you which I respect because it shows that you are fearless and wouldn’t let anyone to get in your way. Doing so, will get you farther into what you’d like to do in the future because you’ve shown that even bad friendships, will not stop you.

    • Hey Chata,

      I really liked your drawings and the way you told your story in a brief way. The message of the piece is beautiful and I know you have a bunch of more examples of standing up for yourself. You’ve always been really strong and hearing this story helps me to understand why that is. Thank you for sharing this piece.

      Vesna Sot

  • Pedro,
    I think your piece is well written. You definitely get your message across.

  • Yaqui,
    I love your poem I find it so moving because I know you are caring. I also really appreciate you, not only because I know you care for me but for writing this piece so good. I think its strong becaue it really shows who you are and what makes you Yaqui.

  • Hi Esthefany,
    I really liked that this piece describes who you really are. I also believe that being wild is good and I’m glad you know you are wild because you feel like its fun. Also I liked that you do not let school and all the stress stop you from being you. Good job, I think its well written.

  • “Why I’m Determined As Hell”

    By: Stephanie Borrayo


    I saw as my mom worked hard.

    I remember her

    Teling us,

    I came over here for you guys.

    I saw her be strong,

    To support her four kids

    • Dear Chata, This poem is the sweetest and almost made me cry. I am proud that you choose to be this determined for your mom. I can really connect to you because I have a similar background story like yours. I know you will be as successful as you think you are because you’re the only one who can stop yourself. Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Fany,
    I really liked your piece because of how proud you are of where you came from. I can tell you love your family. I also liked that you are able to say who you are and not afraid of saying your loud, loving, etc. I love your piece!

  • Angel,
    I liked that you told the stories with your nicknames. I though diablito was funny because I think I called you that at some point. My relationship to my name is very similar to yours because we both like it. I also feel that the nicknames given to you were a good fit.
    Good Job!


    Stephanie Borrayo Villalvazo, that’s my full name but, most of the time I go by Chata. When I introduce myself to people I say, “My name is Stephanie but you can call me Chata, like everyone else.” Chata

    • It’s interesting how you don’t mind people calling you by your nickname even if you just met them. It shows how open you are to making new friendships something that it’s not seen a lot in Life.

    • Hey Chata, I really like your story because it truly reflect on the type of person your are. I a really appreciate the fact that you added both English and Spanish in your piece. I do agree that Chata brings the fun and adventurous side out of you.

    • Dear Stephanie/Chata,
      My name is Nacia and I felt very touched by your post it kind of connects to me and how my nickname came from me being a child and basically shortening my name up. Your story really touched me because I don’t really know a lot of people who allow others/friends call them by a nickname that their family gave them. The part where you said it made me feel unique. I like that part because all nicknames are unique because it is a more closer part to you sometimes more than your actual birth name which I found out when I was little cause in my household I don’t get called Nacia a lot I get called my nickname. Another part I loved about your post how you also mentioned how your nickname doesn’t change your actual name and that you’ve just grown to accept your nickname as a really close part of you. Last but not least this is a great post and I would really love and encourage you to post more because I would love to see what else you have to write.
      Nacia Russell

    • Dear stephany

      I really love how you like to go as chata because It really defines you’re story behind your name and how you let other people called you by your nickname is even cool because you let them know who you are and make them feel comfortable. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is when you said “it made me feel unique”.I can relate to you because every name is unique and has a meaning and it makes me feel that you are so open minded about who you are and that you love your name but also your nickname. Another part i love about your post was when you mentioned “ Chata brings out the fun side of me, where I’m always happy and looking to have a good time. As I continue to go by Chata, I will continue to look at the bright side of things and have a good time”. This stood out to me because you like to be who you are and nothing is gonna stop you.I love your post and encourage you to post more because I would love to see what else you have to write.And by the way is oscars sister.

      Sincerely,Paola H

  • Hi Yureida,
    I liked your piece because I felt a close connection to your culture. I also go to Mexico a lot and celebrate the same dates as you do. I think it is cool and this piece of art may bring us closer as advisees because we have so much in common! Keep up your good work!

  • Hi Guadalupe,
    I am impressed at how well written your paper is. I enjoyed it because you addressed a problem that can affect anyone around us and around the world. I think you did a good job analysis your evidence and going very deep as to what it means and what it is teaching you. You do a good job of expressing your opinion!

  • Hi Arlette,
    I enjoyed your art piece because you personalized it to make sure it represents who you are. I also like how you use it to give yourself a voice, like when you explained that you’re proud of where you come from. My favorite part of your art piece is the light that represents who you are its like a good thing to wrap it up.

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