• Ava, I enjoyed reading your piece. I agree that parents do have a big impact on your idea of culture, but also your values. I had never thought of the fact that as children, we want to make our parents happy and our childhood is where our values develop. As you stated, I think it’s important to recognize our parent’s influence on us more and app…[Read more]

  • Culture defines us. But how can we define American culture? The answer is we can’t, at least not completely. As a country, we can not come to a unanimous consensus about a set way of life we should all follow. A

    • Hi Lauren,
      I really enjoyed reading your post! When you said, “Literacy and what we read is very important for our development, not just educationally but as people”, I agreed wholeheartedly with that. I never really thought about how much our parents influence how we see the world and the people and issues in it. Another thing that affects our views of the world is what we read and see on social media. Social media helps us to hear other people’s opinions, and that can change our entire world views.

    • Hi Lauren this was an interesting post to read I have always thought about how much of an opinion on the world we form by ourselves and not by our parents and clearly we do get a lot from them. I thought the part where you said lack of knowledge can be perceived as ignorant was very true especially in today’s society.

  • Ava, I enjoyed reading your response. Although I do agree that family plays an important role, I think that once off on your own, many people change their beliefs because their perspective changes in a new environment. Many people who have moved out, away from their parent’s influence, acquire completely new opinions. I do like that you mention y…[Read more]

  • I was struggling with writing this because to me, being an American means you’re a citizen of America. That’s not a wrong answer, yet it’s not the one I assume this essay was looking for. So I asked my mom,

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