• Dear Next President,

    I want to first congratulate on your victory in the past election. Winning an election like that is not an easy task and commend you for the amount of effort you put into your victory. I

    • I really like this. I agree with you and can see a lot of positives in the future of nuclear energy. Your writing is also very coherent. What do think of the the costs of nuclear energy

    • I agree with you, coal burning for energy has a lot of pollution effects. It is much safer and the right way for the future.

    • Ryland, I agree with your stance on nuclear energy development. Creating clean energy at lower costs seems like an easy decision to make, yet the fear of a meltdown has people holding back. I disagree with your statement that it would not be possible for a meltdown to happen, there is always risk, however we can minimize that risk with adequate precautions to make it almost impossible. I hope to see more nuclear energy development and dependence in the near future.

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