• My research topic is the proliferation of analytical thinking throughout the NBA and any changes that may have been made with efficiency in mind. Most teams in the NBA have recently hired entire division dedicated

    • Hey Luke,
      I like how you’re taking a unique aspect of basketball and talking about how it has changed over the past couple decades. This paper could use a ton of background information letting readers know how the game was played many years ago with player statistics and all. I think that would really highlight the contrast between the two time periods.

    • This is great, I have always wonder why the NBA has not been the same post 2010. Like Sid said this is very unique, it shows the science behind the game and what the NBA has evolved to. Along with that how it has influenced the younger generations and what basketball is headed toward in the future to come. Great Job.

    • This is topic. I can definitely see the changes being made to the basketball world today. As a basketball player I like to ply the more traditional game of basketball where you score from anywhere because thats the point of the game: to score. I like the idea the new research is bringing in but it also has its faults. What if your team or best shooter is off on his shooting and you can’t score any threes? the team will have to start making midrange jumpers and getting to the hoop.

    • Hi Luke. As a basketball player, I can relate to this. I find that hardly anyone shoots a mid range jumper the days unless it is wide open. Because the three is becoming a higher percentage shot, more and more players are taking far more threes than any other shot. I believe that in roughly twenty years, the three point line will be extended out further than it already is. This will change some habits in the game. Really great post, keep it up.

    • This is a great article, I love basketball and I’ve been wondering about this analytics movement for a while. You really highlight how the game is changing. I think that if you included more examples of this change it would really help strengthen your paper.

    • This is a really interesting outlook and topic to research. Basketball in this way is looked at very analytically, carefully studied for even the slightest advantage that may be hidden in the game. I thought it was a really cool paper, and I really learned a different side to the sport of basketball, and the actual precision of the game.

    • Wow Luke great work. You’re clearly very knowledgeable about this subject and made it really interesting to read. I didn’t know a lot about that and you provided a lot of information. Keep up the great writing.

    • Luke, I believe that analytics can be applied to more sports than just basketball. For example, if you look at Baseball, the number of strikeouts are up as well as the number of homeruns. Analytics like these show just how much the sports we love are changing through time.

    • Luke,
      Great job I really like this whole article, it reflects how knowledgeable about the topic you are. I think you did a good job throughout the whole article.

    • I think your research is really interesting. It’s amazing how basketball has changed and you are write. It seems everyone is trying to make a three pointer instead of a basic shot.

    • Luke, I like how you used back in the 1900 and comparing to today. I want to know what is better in your opinion NBA in 2016-17 or in the 1900. Who is your favorite player right now.

    • This is a great topic and I have wonder if the game has changed too much and if it has gotten a little softer. The research behind the analytics of basketball is a great topic and I can’t wait to see what els you find out about this.

    • Dear Luke
      Reading your post I am questioning how guards such as Westbrook and Rondo survive in the 3 point dominant NBA. When you wrote “shoot more threes and less midrange jump shots.” I thought about those guards who rely on the Mid and paint rather than the three. A major impact to the popularity of the 3 pointer was the play style Ray Allen and Steph Curry. Players such as Cramelo and Westbrook who specialize on the Mid rely heavily on their ability to make plays and drive in. Your research reminds me many players I play with during streetball and highschool ball. Players start relying heavily on the three pointer rather than the mid because of the 1 point extra. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I enjoy playing and watching basketball.

    • Reading your post I agree that the NBA has changed a little, more players are starting to shoot more threes than midrange shots and the big man’s are also shooting threes instead of posting up and getting easy buckets. For example if shaq played in this era he would of been a better three point shooter than he was free throw shooter in the 90s.

  • I will write about the push back against the new analytic revolution in basketball. In particular the mid range shot and if it has become more open but less shot in response to the numbers movement. This is

  • Hi Joe I love your poem and totally agree that fall is a welcome reprieve from the summer. We get to see our friends at school again, football starts back up and we do not have to sweat everywhere we go. I think I enjoy the cold much more than the extreme heat and fall gives you a little bit of heat while still being cool enough to enjoy without…[Read more]

  • Hi Andrew I think that this is a really good piece the only problem is that we do not swear in school to prepare ourselves for the real professional world. The purpose of education is to prepare children for the real world and swearing is not tolerated in professional discourse. Some swear words do contain powerful meanings but for the vast…[Read more]

  • After a long hard day at work a lot of people get home exhausted and can not find the energy to cook a homemade dinner. The simple solution is to just pick up the phone and order some pizza, the hard part is where

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    Really great poem Skayla I think that while protecting the environment is very important celebrating it is equally if not more important. We must first appreciate nature before we completely commit to conserving it as there are economic downsides to full scale climate change policies

  • This issue is not only about the killing of black people and other minorities anymore. I think this issue is now about equal treatment in general and not only in killings by the police. Minorities should not have to worry about being pulled over as often. The only question going through the mind of someone who is pulled over is “what did I do…[Read more]

  • School is for educating yourself. I have learned many things through school and very few of them have been directly through the classroom. People are going to have romantic relationships when they are shoved together for seven to eight hours a day. The relationships are unavoidable and teach kids important facts about the world when the stakes are…[Read more]

  • Brandon, I think minimum wage should be increased to at least $10 an hour as right now no one can sustainably live off of minimum wage. My aunt works at mcdonald’s almost full time and can not afford rent unless she works a second job as a hospital lunch lady. I think anyone who works forty hours a week deserves a wage that brings them above the…[Read more]

  • I think that our massive debt is a big problem for our nation as at a certain point it becomes unsustainable. The whole premise of the USA getting low interest loans is that we are good for the money and will definitely pay the loan back. Once we reach a certain level of debt that certainty is gone and we will receive loans with much higher…[Read more]

  • I completely agree with you spoiled kids always lose in the end anyways. Sure, the kids may behave better for the immediate future but eventually they will find that the real world does not give anything away. Letting your kids run free and figure things out for themselves can compete with parental protective impulses but independence usually ends…[Read more]

  • I really enjoyed reading your piece. Even though it isn’t that long it is deep and really let’s the reader into your life and shows a lot about you and what it is like for you and your family living in Oakland CA.

  • I completely agree with you this act should have been passed years ago. It seems pretty logical to help the heroes who have sacrificed so much. In general I feel as though first responders are underappreciated for the dangerous and important jobs they do for society. I was also wondering why this act take so long to pass. Did the article say…[Read more]

  • The entire world is based on one word: power. 

    In a fight, the person who is stronger has more power and usually win. 

    When the power goes out everyone loses their minds. They need the power to have the most b

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