Car chase to death of race

    He was beaten black and blue

    An endless fight a justice flight

    For an unjust rule

    50 dead words unsaid this fight of race is war

    Rodney king they made him sing although the


    In Scott Jaschiks news report “New York Adopts Free Tuition” from http

    • Dear Shaday,
      Your post about free college tuition is very insightful. Many people don’t have the money to continue with college but free tuition can change their lives. Its is really interesting how you brought up that their are many pros and cons about free college tuition. One pro that I can think of is more people are educated making it a better economy. One con that i can think of is big colleges may not make lots of money to sustain the program. I really enjoyed your post about free college tuition. It was really interesting to read about pros and cons of having free college tuition.

    • I believe that free college tuition could change the world and many lives in a good way.

    • I agree free college could help many kids with financial problems, but others could possibly take advantage of that which could possibly ruin it for the kids that want to succeed through college.

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