• According to historical polling data (this data only reaches back to the 1930s, and only became really extensive in the 50s) the president’s party loses support during midterm elections. The factors that influence

    • Shantanu,
      Great post! I think this is a very interesting topic. I have not considered what effect Trumps actions will have after he leaves the white house. Do you think that this will affect politics in the future?

  • Dear Tess,
    I enthusiastically read your post because, as a father, I often think about what messages I unconsciously send to my child when I interact with him.

    I was particularly interested in your last sentence, “If we begin to understand where gender stereotypes are being taught we can start to eliminate them.” I want to ask, to what extent you…[Read more]

  • Hi, and welcome to my remix of Charles Perrault’s “The Fairies.” This was a project for Tech class– an animation in which the viewer makes the hinging moral decision for either the original ending or an

  • About the BOY AND THE WOLF

    The boy and the wolf is a fable by one of the most famous author Aesop, is about a wolf who does not do what his life mission is which is to go against humans and kill them. But in the

  • Introduction:

    For a school project, I had chose to write an alternate ending to the original fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood.” Although there are several versions, I used the version by Charles Perrault, where

  • “The Little Red Hen” is a tale that has been for generations. There are several versions of this tale and the original author is Margot Zemach. The version animated in my animation was the version with the hen,

  • “The Cat and the Fox” is a story about and arrogant fox that learns his lesson after being rude to a cat. The story is by the Brothers Grimm.

    I first wrote a script to my version of the story. Then I made

  • This project was assigned to my class, the purpose for it being to see our programming skills when making an animation where the viewer is allowed some interactivity with the animation. The interactivity in the

  • My Scratch Animation was based on trying to teach lessons about patience. In it, a thirsty crow is looking for water, finds a pitcher, but cannot drink the tiny water that is in it. The crow then gets an idea and

  • Politics is a big reason in the United States. However, politics are resulting in decisions that are getting rid of people’s well-being and privacy. In the last few days, the House of Representatives passed a bill

  • Once upon a time, the King of the South heard a prophecy that his daughter would marry a slave’s son that belonged to the King of the North. So the King of South asked for the slave from the King of the North. The

  • This story talks about how two siblings (brother and sister) that live in poverty. One day three old women asked them if they could come in and rest and the  sister kindly said yes. As a thank you present the old

  • My animated story is a remixed version of Little Red Riding Hood. Halfway through the story there is a choice. Should Little Red Riding Hood Tell the wolf when she is going? You can choose. There are two endings

  • Hi, my name is Tahir and I created a scratch animation based upon the story “ASS and his Masters” collected by Aesop. The story takes you through the life of a person who doesn’t seem to be happy about his job and

  • Original Script: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nD40W_z33adwxX3gIlBVtlfgu9VW-a0-2A8Eqeuy15c/edit?usp=sharing

    Took about 2 days to do. Sorry it’s too short.

    Here are some storyboards to show how much work

  • This is the my Scratch Project and in this project there is a story where you get to decide the ending. This story was first made by Brother’s Grimm and I remixed it in Scratch. Both sides of the story teach a

  • After Satsuki finds her father dead on their property, she goes on a quest to avenge his murderer, as the man who is found guilty she knows is innocent. She comes in contact with a detective who uses the alias K

  • Odd Friend

    Link To Project: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/128477815/

    A story of confusion where Beansoop has to go through many obstacles to save his friend Terd.

    To create my Scratch animation I had to go


    I created my masterpiece by clearly laying out what I wanted to have in my animation. I must admit, I am more proud of my script than I am for my animation. 😉 It was easy for me to think of my

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