• We live in a world where we are able to choose what we do. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go back to sleep, we make choices. We choose when to wake up, what to wear, where to go, what to eat, who to


    Above are the results from my survey that I conducted for my research project. The answers as a whole were what I expected but the numbers were interesting to see. I thought it was interesting

    • Srihita, I am very glad that you followed up on this experiment as I saw it a few weeks ago and was curious as to what you found out. I am genuinely surprised that there is actually a great number of people who do not support euthanasia and would not give the option to their family members even if they requested it. I am also fairly surprised that there were not that many people who knew what the term “voluntary euthanasia” meant before you conducted this research. I also found some more information on this topic a week or so back that I thought was quite fascinating as it explains a few more stipulations of the research itself and the controversy surrounding it. Thank you so much for sharing.


    • Srihita, I found your post to be intriguing, I like how you address the idea of euthanasia and if it should be accepted in today’s society. Throughout each of your survey, you ask question about whether or not euthanasia should be approved and most people said yes, however they disagree with the idea that euthanasia should be used on kids. I don’t understand why euthanasia should not be used on teenagers especially if they can’t deal with the pain. One thing I recommend you to fix your post is to define euthanasia and give a little background about why you chose to do this. I found an interesting article that you may enjoy reading about euthanasia https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3612319/. Anyways thank you for your time, and I look forward to see what you post next.

  • Beth and Billy, I will be posting my results tomorrow. I hope you find them interesting!

  • For my research project, I am looking into euthanasia and more specifically voluntary euthanasia. I created a survey so I could understand how aware people are on the subject and how different situations cause

    • Srihita, I hope that you can post the results of your survey after it is completed, as I find it a very compelling and challenging issue to tackle. Not enough people focus on how big of a problem this matter has become in terms of morals, and I think that there should be a lot more public opinion on how it should be handled. I posted a link below by BBC that describes the ethics that go into this practice. Thank you for sharing.


    • Beth replied 7 months ago

      Hi Srihita!

      Euthanasia is a hot topic in today’s society because of how controversial it is, so I’m interested to see the results of your survey. People have very strong opinions about the practice, which makes it hard to come to a decision and create a law. However, it effects people around the world daily, and I think something needs to be decided soon. I felt your survey was very thorough in addressing all of the possible situations that could happen. It will really make people think if they aren’t sure. I found two articles (one pro and one con) that you could use in your research.

      10 Arguments For Legalizing Euthanasia

      Top 10 Reasons Euthanasia Should be Illegal

      Nice work.

    • Beth and Billy, I will be posting my results tomorrow. I hope you find them interesting!

  • For my research project that I will be writing in my Expository Writing class, I want to research the topic of euthanasia and more specifically, if euthanasia should be permitted in all hospitals. This topic is

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    Brooklyn, I agree with you that this is a serious topic that we should be talking about. Many students in college drink to fit in or to have fun but thankfully not as many students are abusive drinkers. I think it’s important that we educate students to realize the consequences they could face from abusing alcohol and what it could mean for their future.

  • McKenna, I am actually really interested in reading your article because this is something that has been interesting to me as well. My mom and I have different opinions on this topic and we argue about whether vaccinations are beneficial or not. Hopefully after reading your piece, I will know more about this topic and both sides of this issue.

  • Luis, I like your piece because it is relevant to what is happening today. I agree with you that there is discrimination all around us. I think it is unfortunate that people are discriminated against and treated poorly because of their race and where they are from. Hopefully this changes and people realize that we are all people and we can get…[Read more]

  • Nick, I agree with your point that PAS should be an option for patients as it is their choice when it comes to what happens to their lives. It is better for them to live a short life than suffer and live for a longer period of time. I also think this is a good option to have out there, despite the possible misuses, because PAS is relatively pain…[Read more]

  • As an American, I feel grateful and blessed to be living in a country of freedom and opportunity. Many people around the world look at the United States as a superior country. We have the five largest companies in

    • Hi Srihita,
      I love your piece! It is a very well developed argument, and I definitely agree with your position. The dual responsibilities and grading system is as flawed as you say. In my own argument, I explored fixing the education system by promoting fine arts, and I loved seeing a different view.
      My only comments would be to make sure your paragraphs are not indented in an online space like Youth Voices. I am also a little confused when you say that the enormous responsibility placed on students’ shoulders helps them prepare for life but does not help them succeed in life, and was hoping to find some clarity there.
      Thank you for sharing! It’s wonderful writing.

  • Heather, I liked reading your description of these women and the discrimination they faced in the workplace. I like how at the time, discrimination started to reduce because people realized that it didn’t matter what people looked like because they had a more important issue to attend. I think that those women would be proud of how far we’ve come…[Read more]

  • We are all humans. It doesn’t matter what we look like, where we are from, or where we live now. This is what we must remember when we live in America. We are a country made up of people from all around the w

    • Srihita, your piece was very interesting and i thought it had a lot of good insight. To me the part that stood out most was when you said, “it doesn’t matter what your early life was like, it just matters what you are going to do with it”. To m this was very important because there have been so many immigrants that have turned themselves into huge successes after coming to the U.S. For more stories like Gina Rodriguez look at the story of Wayne Gretzky and how he immigrated from Canada and not only made his life better, but at the same time he made an entire sport better.

    • Srihita, I really liked the overall message of your writing. I think that yes, it is important where you are going but you shouldn’t forget your past. People can learn from their past and go forward with that knowledge to make their lives better. You said that after Rodriguez’s life went downhill she decided to do something about it, maybe she knew what didn’t work and was able to create something great because of that. Ultimately though America is a place of opportunity and people can be whatever they want like you said. I thought your piece was really interesting, and thanks for sharing.

    • Srihita, your writing provide a very positive outlook on America, and I do think that it is refreshing to have a view that cold be seen as more uplifting. but as of today, 2018, in America unfortunately, what we look like, where we come from, where we live now does matter. but I do agree that type of thing shouldn’t matter, because as you stated we are all humans. I really liked your Article overall!

  • Kyle, I agree with your statement that people should be more welcoming towards others and help create a stronger community. However, like AJ said, people do have different ideas of the term “The American Dream” and although they might not be respected the way they should be, it is still possible for them to achieve that dream. I also really like…[Read more]

  • What are American values? This isn’t a question we think about when we come home from a long day at school or work. We all know what are considered American values yet nobody works to accomplish these goals. If o

    • Srihita, I like how you say that Americans are all aware of the so called “American Values”, but do nothing to live up to them. I agree with your ideal values of equality, freedom, unity and diversity. The point you raise with immigration is interesting and I would like to learn more about how we react to it, and how we can improve the system.

  • I agree with your claim that politicians need to find the right balance when using social media because it has its benefits as well as drawbacks. I think it is important that they use it because it allows them to communicate with people around the world easily but if they are going to use it, they have to be professional and…[Read more]

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    The same strokes of a pencil come together to form 26 distinct formations which we call letters and those 26 letters form millions of words of half, I have yet to learn. However, even in my incomplete knowledge, I

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