• Kyle, I agree with your statement that people should be more welcoming towards others and help create a stronger community. However, like AJ said, people do have different ideas of the term “The American Dream” and although they might not be respected the way they should be, it is still possible for them to achieve that dream. I also really like…[Read more]

  • What are American values? This isn’t a question we think about when we come home from a long day at school or work. We all know what are considered American values yet nobody works to accomplish these goals. If o

    • Srihita, I like how you say that Americans are all aware of the so called “American Values”, but do nothing to live up to them. I agree with your ideal values of equality, freedom, unity and diversity. The point you raise with immigration is interesting and I would like to learn more about how we react to it, and how we can improve the system.

  • I agree with your claim that politicians need to find the right balance when using social media because it has its benefits as well as drawbacks. I think it is important that they use it because it allows them to communicate with people around the world easily but if they are going to use it, they have to be professional and…[Read more]

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    The same strokes of a pencil come together to form 26 distinct formations which we call letters and those 26 letters form millions of words of half, I have yet to learn. However, even in my incomplete knowledge, I

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