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  • Dear Angelina, your article was super interesting and very informative. I really enjoyed reading it and completely agree with you on the basis that littering is a very serious issue that is happening in our communities and on this planet as a whole. It’s crazy to learn that the city has to pay fees upwards of 5 million dollars just to pick up all…Read More

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    Shilpa commented on the post, Immigrants

    Dear Remigia, thank you for sharing your personal experiences and feelings in regard to immigration. I agree with you 100% that immigrants are not stealing jobs but are only finding the opportunities they can in order to help their family. I really appreciate how you added in statistics such as the percentage of citizens who are immigrants in the…Read More

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    Shilpa commented on the post, My shadow box

    Dear Tania,
    I really enjoyed reading your shadow box post. I loved the details you put on it, and how you made sure that each element showed a part of your identity — no matter if it was an identity that people created of you, or if its an identity that you hold for yourself. I like that you recognize your strength and independence, and also the…Read More

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    Dear Ariana,
    Thank you for putting yourself out there and expressing things that are important to you as a Latina Feminist. I really enjoyed looked at and reading about your shadow box because you talked a lot about false narratives that people immediately assume about you due to your ethnicity. I too have received the same treatment, and I can…Read More


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