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  • My name is ShaDiamond Pinckney and I am a  15 years old sophomore. I attend Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice. I am from Brooklyn, New York and my neighborhood is Bed-Stuy. The law, NY is one of only two

    • I like that not only you make a convincing argument in your essay and show the conflict very well but also the fact that by the time I reach your conclusion you have a very good idea for how to resolve the problem you earlier presented.

    • Will replied 6 months ago

      This is not only well argued and tolerant (not preachy or forcing your opinion), it is very eloquent and well written. Your thoughts are easy to understand. I hope this was as good to write as it was to read. Well-procured, and sentence structure really draws the reader in. The information is relevant and not driven by unilateral passion, but logic. Nicely done.

    • Teens don’t belong in jail unless they do something real serious such as killing somebody

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